You must have thought that I am always talking about passion so what is passion and how do I find out what is my passion? refer Passion as

– any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.
– strong amorous feeling or desire; love; ardor.
– strong sexual desire; lust.
– an instance or experience of strong love or sexual desire.
– a person toward whom one feels strong love or sexual desire.
– a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything: a passion for music.

My friends approached me on two separate occasions, asking me how did I know what is my passion? What is the thought process that lead to that knowledge? Actually passion could stem from many areas so please allow me to provide some simple steps for you to help you along in your passion finding hunt.

Dig out the memories you had when you are a child, when your teacher or your parents asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Compare this with what you are doing right now. Does it match? Ask yourself what makes you want to be that role when you are younger.

I remembered when I was really young, my essay answer to this question has always been “I want to become an art teacher or an English teacher.”

My childhood passions are identified as language, arts and teaching. 

During your teenage years, you are expose into the grey world between childhood and adulthood. You became ambitious, risky, daring and nothing seems to be able to stop you (not even a 360 degree roller coaster or a haunted house). Your dreams are different now. During those years, what are your ambition?

For me, I wanted to be an advertorial designer or an art teacher (not giving up on that dream).

So my teen passion was art, design, teaching. 

wood-951875_640Your 1st job
Everyone has their first job, be it a summer holiday job or a part time job. Usually, if your first job is good, you’ll have wonderful memories of it. It can be one of those things that fuel your passion. It is the first step that opened up your eyes to the working world. Remember your first paycheck? And how you blew it on a new bag or a new bike?

My very first holiday job is when I was 14 years old. Most of my classmates are working in MacDonald, KFC or Burger King but I’m not interested in slogging hours frying the fries. I wanted a more glamourous job so I can show off to my pals. In the end, I got a job as a telephone operator in a hotel, recommended by my mum who said since I’m always on the phone so much, I should put my mouth where the money is. I love the job and I am good at it. I love that I wouldn’t know who will call next. I love interacting with hotel guests who came from all over the world. I had my eyes on a handsome Tom Cruise look-a-like Swedish guest too!

My passion then is interaction and talking on the phone. 

heart-692312__180Your Hobbies
Your passion could be stemming out from your hobbies. Usually hobbies are for a lifetime and when occupied with your hobby is where you are at your most relaxed stage and doing your best. So look at your current hobbies especially the ones whom you have been following for a long time.

I don’t have much hobbies because I am an impatient person. I can’t stand still at a table, creating crafts. Even as I am writing this post, I am using my iPhone while sprawling across my couch. Lol! But I love to write and I love to read and travel.

My hobbyist passions are read, travel and write. 

DSC01099Your Personality
Personality comes into play when hunting down your passion. So when someone is extrovert, he or she wouldn’t like to cope indoor all day. An introvert would suffer if she needs to socialize a lot in her job.

I’m a social butterfly and I love to be surrounded by a lot of people because I’m curious about them.

So my personality passion would be socializing. 

heart-leaf-rainYour Specialty 
Having passion is one thing, being good at your job is another. It’s true that these two attributes goes hand in hand however, we cannot discount the fact that you may have passion in certain areas that you do not have any talent. Even if you have a lot of passion in a certain area but kept on hitting the wall, you’ll give up sooner or later.

For me, I can’t draw to save my life. I can design but I can’t pick up a paper and pencil to draw. I’m too impatient for that.

My specialty is that I am intuitive towards people and I am good at inspiring. 


Let’s now analyst the above thoughts on my passion.

My passion: Art, Teaching, Language, Design, Writing, Reading, Travel, Interaction, Talking on the phone, Socializing. 

So together with my listed passion and my specialties, the conclusion is pretty straight forward.

I can be a teacher (which I did for a few years and I truly enjoyed myself too!).
Passion: Art, Teaching, Language, Interaction

I can be a writer (exploring right now!).
Passion: Teaching, Language, Writing, Reading, Interaction, Socializing

I can be in sales, retail & customer service (I did do very well in all that areas).
Passion: Teaching, Interaction, Talking on the phone, Socializing 

I can be in management (I strive well in this area too and I love it).
Passion: Teaching, Interaction, Talking on the phone, Socializing, Travel

Perhaps the only 1 thing that I have not really explore is design. But the rest as you can see, allow me to fully grown into my job I have chosen and because of my passion fuel me on, I did performed well in my work. In turn, I get recognition at work and fuel my passion too!

So what are your passions? What drives you on? Share with us here below.

70 replies on “How to find your passion?

  1. Awesome article. I beg to differ with you. You do design things. In my view when you write, that’s a form of design and writing can be very creative. It can be just as difficult too. So now you are the Michelangelo of writing. 😆

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      1. You’re welcome Kally. writing is art and it is creative. I’ve always believed that. I’m a huge art fan. I especially love impressionist art. Vincent Van Goug, Paul Gauguinn, etc… I have lots of images on my phone Mostly impressionist and some Chinese and Japanese art which is very beautiful too.

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      1. Thank you for dropping in!! And welcome to MiddleMe. Do find some time to lure the creative side of you and give your full attention to it. Hone it, practice it and who know that side of you might bring you joy that you have never discovered. So glad I could help you!

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  2. I really liked the way you extensively explored such a simple, yet meaningful word.
    Keep writing Kally! I hope your passion for writing never extinguishes 😀

    P.S. I dropped by just like you requested 🙂


  3. Great article, my passion is socializing and interacting with people, that is why I learnt the hotel business and I loved being at the front desk, meeting and greeting so many different people. I would love to go back into it now again or even have my own tea/coffee shop or Bed an breakfast.

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  4. Reblogged this on Sketchbin and commented:
    I realized that my very first passion was coding. Around 15 years ago, while my other kids were playing computer games at my mom office in summer, I sucked at gaming so much that they wouldn’t let me in. My mom colleague saw a sad little boy sitting being left alone and staring the empty PC screen and he told me that he would teach him how to code in VB6. It was so awesome as a child, that I was able to create programs, from a silly little ‘Hello World’ text in a dialog box to some Pokemon-themed web browser.

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  5. This is such a great and well-written article on what is passion. Very well-broken down and simplified. As you inferred, we can certainly be good (or not good) at a number of things and we can have multiple passions. For a long time, I struggled to find my passion. For a long time, I fell in and out of love with writing and would stop and start writing stories. I was actually “bad” at it – I pitched my writings to publications and then was always told I “wasn’t what they were looking for”. Then I took a totally new direction and started my blog. Passion and creativity go hand in hand, complementing each other.

    Passion is supposed to be something, a feeling that we don’t mind doing. There’s a reason why we do something. Could be because we like it, or because we feel strongly about it or have a purpose about it.

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  6. It’s interesting to divide up the periods in life like this. When I was young, my dream was to become a wildlife photographer. I didn’t get very far with it. I got a summer job on a farm to save up enough money to buy a nice SLR camera. I succeeded, only to find I didn’t have any money left over to buy film and get it developed. This has been fairly typical of my life story, I’m afraid — tremendous enthusiasm, a reasonable amount of effort, truly terrible planning. 🙂


    1. Most welcome! So glad you find it useful. Go and find your passion and follow your heart. You’ll find it happier to live your own dreams than of others.


  7. You see sometimes people think passion is about what we do best, but it is that urge that compells you to steek to something even wen you ain’t good at it! The best way to see it is this, something you’ll always find time for do it with ease and love…sometimes when iam stressed, I tend to note down whatever is eating up my mind, it’s quite therapeutic coz after that it feels better…and sometimes that’s where I derive my passion for writing, it’s the best way I can express my self…because it’s the best thing I love doing.

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  8. I like how you broke down particular stages of your life and shared your passions. You’re so lucky to be doing something that you enjoy. Many people know there passion but don’t ever pursue it. Good for you! Thanks for the inspiration.

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  9. Kally another great post. Interesting topic. My passion was always my writing. It started as something I did for fun, now it has turned into my life’s passion. Also, I always loved to make people laugh. Now, I do that with my blog. I guess people should follow their passions by doing that they will find happiness. Thanks for sharing this. Have a wonderful day.

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    1. I’m sure you are having the time of your life since you are following your passion and doing great at it!! Thanks for leaving me a comment. You have already made my day wonderful.

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  10. hahah! I am here! 🙂 As usual a wonderful insight. I started my first job in a bookstore. To be honest I love pretty much same as you ; travel, reading , writing and I LOVE to interact with people. So I chose that line of part time job (Salesperson, telemarketer and ambassador). Somehow waitress job never clicked with me.! (so high five!)

    Keep writing ! Your passion shines through your words 😀

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  11. Excellent read! I always defined passion as that thing you do that makes you lose track of time, puts you in another zone and gives you a feeling of incredible joy. When someone in a crowded room mentions it, it’s all you hear over the buzz of chatter, that to me is passion. Great post!

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    1. Great definition of passion!! I definitely lose track of time when I’m enjoying myself. Writing is something I’m discovering as a passion, the ultimate passion is to be surrounded and interacting with likeminded people like yourself. Gives me great joy to have you here.

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