Okay, this is not really a full post. I just want drop a short note to let everyone know I’m going to China for a 2 weeks trip with my family.

Since China is famous of its Great Firewall, meaning I won’t be able to go into my WordPress, Twitter, Facebook accounts to reply to your comments for a while BUT with the help of VPN, I hope I still get to sneak one or two replied as and when I can. So if you don’t hear from me….. I’m alive!!

But don’t worry about getting withdrawal symptoms from MiddleMe, I have lined up articles until I’m back. I will definitely drop another short note once I’m back away from the Firewall.

china-805184__180So for those who are curious, my itinerary goes Kuala Lumpur – Xi’an – Yan’an – Shanghai – Kuala Lumpur.

So keep those comments coming!!

115 replies on “People’s Republic of China here I come 

      1. I should tell you that if you can get a VPN, from StrongVPN, which very cheep, you will have on problems with the Internet. Put this on your laptop before you come to China. Good Luck.

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        1. Thank you for your tips. I am getting VPN but I’m going to Tier 3 area so the Internet is already slow plus with VPN, alas the page probably timeout before it can open. 😀


      1. It is so big that even we haven’t visited half of it. Most tourists start from the north ( to visit Taj Mahal ) and then go south. You may want to arrive in New Delhi as the starting point, but again I am no expert.

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  1. Great firewall of China LOL 😀

    You always put some humor in your posts.

    I wish you and your family a safe and smooth trip.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  2. Wow that is going to be a seriously amazing trip!!! I knew about facebook, but didn’t know you couldn’t get on wordpress, so crazy!! Have a blast! My step mom is from Shanghai- and so I’ve always wanted to go there and also to Kuala Lumpur. Jealous!! 😀 😀

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