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22 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 6 October

  1. I am Amish. I have followed my dreams. Those who could not see then, cannot see now. Blind is as blind does. You post thought provoking fruit, Kelly.
    Some are in cage. Must reach through bars for fruit. Some will one day pass fruit to you. Freely you have given. Freely it shall be given.

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    1. Oh so very true, Daniel! What is more tragic, I think, is that those cages may often be inherited ~ some were born in cages ~ but often, too, the cages are self-made. And the blindness? This kind of blindness is curable; they can have eyes that see and ears that hear, minds that understand and hearts to believe … if they so choose. In the meantime, I think, some of these more warmhearted cage-dwellers do freely extend some of their own luscious fruit to passersby. For this, I am always thankful, and if I am able I offer some of my own to them as well! 😉 Blessings!

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