I actually accidentally stumbled upon Mabel’s website as I was reading one of my follower’s comment page. There she was, a Asian looking girl peering out of the round avatar space. Hmm.. eager as always to meet new people on blogosphere community and I end up reading non stop for 2 hours on her blog. That is a lot of articles reading, I tell you. What I love about her is how similar our situation is, she is a Chinese girl currently living in Australia and she used to stay in Malaysia and Singapore for quite a while too! And me, settling in Kuala Lumpur finally, having relocated from Shanghai and used to spend my better first part of my life in Singapore.

But that is not why I wanted to repost her article, it is because I actually think it makes a lot of sense and she advocate a strong sense of perseverance in pursuing your dreams. If you like what you read, do drop by her website to read more too!

We all have dreams. We all want to tick the next thing off our bucket lists. Maybe we want to run a marathon, earn a degree or be a musician. It’s not hard to imagine all of that in our heads. In reality, it’s usually hard to get there.


One of my dreams is to write and publish a book about what it means to be Asian Australian, what it means to be different in the cultural sense and how I’ve come to be okay with this.

But writing a book and getting it on bookshelves doesn’t happen overnight. Dreams don’t happen overnight. It takes time for things to happen.

We have to be uncomfortable, be willing to learn if we want to make our dreams come true. Sometimes we don’t have everything it takes to reach our dreams. Yet. Most of my study days were spent memorising maths formulas like the typical Asian nerd, always struggling to string a proper sentence together. Then earlier this year I decided to write around 500 words each day on any topic that comes to mind and now, weaving words into stories comes easier to me.

So we need to be dedicated. We need to set aside time to do what it takes to achieve our dreams. If we don’t, we’re no step closer to doing so.

We need to be patient, brave and prepared to try again on the road to our dreams. Not everything on this path will go right; there will be setbacks and challenges. Hearing editors say, “No, that’s not what we’re after. Make your Asian article more general and relevant to non-Asian readers”, about articles I sent to them wasn’t encouraging. So I decided to blog to share my writing, to be a better writer.

We have to be confident. We have to believe in ourselves, believe that we can make our dreams come true. For as long as I can remember, I doubted that I could be a writer because others around me didn’t take me seriously: colleagues thought writing was “my hobby”; my Chinese-Malaysian parents encouraged me to get hired in big, corporate companies. Then I started listening to myself. And sometimes we have to surround ourselves with the dreamers and the believers, those who’ll egg us on when we’re down, to keep believing.

Then again, sometimes dreams will just be dreams. For example, if we’re ninety years old, it might be a bit too late to reach our goal of climbing to the top of Mount Everest. We can’t make our dream of traveling the world come true if all of our money goes towards supporting our family. Some things are beyond our control.

So then, life goes on. And in a sense that means there is more to life than making our dreams a reality. Maybe it’s being content with what we have. Or appreciating the in-between, the small moments and the people we meet along on the journey to our dreams.

One night last year, I dreamt two guys came up to me in the city and recognised me as “that writer”. A few weeks ago, my blog was featured in a national print and online magazine and reached 200,000 views. Sure, I felt excited when I saw the milestones approach, but when I actually held the hardcopy and saw the views, I didn’t jump for joy. Didn’t feel ecstatic.

What tops these moments is…talking to you. Every comment I read and respond to, I realise I inspire others to be themselves. Because when you read what I write on this blog, you’re inspired to share an honest bit of who you are right here. It’s very humbling, and I’m reminded it’s okay to be me.

Maybe with bit of luck I’ll get a book out there someday. With more luck, maybe I’ll make a living out of what I love doing. I just have to keep hoping.

With hope, anything’s possible. Almost.

What’s your biggest dream? Have any of your dreams come true?

So if you have wrote any articles that you think I should read (I always read all my followers’ articles), please drop a comment below.

51 replies on “Guest Post: How To Make Your Dreams Come True by Mabel Kwong

  1. I too had a dream to become an author. I’ve been trying to write a novel since I was ten. I would get so close to finishing one and then think of a better idea or become disgusted with it and think no one would ever want to read it. Who was I, anyway, to think that anyone would want to read my silly book? I have started maybe five different novels and threw them all aside. The editor in me has to let go of trying to pen the perfect sentences. Now, I just want to motivate others and raise awareness about domestic abuse. My sister and I have a blog that centers around our experiences with abuse, hoping to reach out to others in similar situations, to give them the courage and the hope they need to leave and reclaim their lives. Writing with a purpose has renewed my dreams again and has reminded me the power of writing. I think you should definitely continue pursuing your dreams. I also recommend that you read The Woman Warrior, if you haven’t already. Best of luck!

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  2. I can breathe a sigh of relief, I like this blog, resumed its splendor condition which had seduced me. Kally thank you for your visit. I am relieved to once again share …

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  3. Hi there…I actually dreamt of my book being published just tonight and I was like… so fast!!! How? Then in the next moment I was up with just a thought of book in my mind. Like you, I too dream of authoring a book atleast, some day…one day.For now, happy blogging 🙂

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      1. Yes its quite coincidental Kally…all things happened side by side 🙂 my dream and your chance visit to Mabel’s blog and then my reading about that.

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  4. Thank you for the reblog, Kally. That is indeed very kind of you. And I am flattered you read my blog for a couple of hours when you discovered it :O Reading back my old posts, I discover that my writing has evolved over the years.

    We all have our dreams, and sometimes our dreams change over the years as our priorities and responsibilities in life change. What we wanted to be as a kid might not interest us anymore. I used to want to work in the media, but then a couple of years ago decided to make the painful decision not to pursue that path – practical mind said it’s not a long-term financially stable career path and opportunities are limited for anyone to succeed in such a cutthroat industry. Where one dream dies, there is always another one and that often takes on a new chapter 🙂

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    1. I’m so glad that you found a new dream, a new passion. One thing in life about survival is to learn to adapt to changes and trends.
      You’re most welcome! I love to share good stories and even great writers to my audience. 🙂

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  5. I have that dream too! Go to my WP and see the post I placed just this morning. Bear in mind that unless your /my culture has something to offer Babylon – you can try cookie recipies- you may not be published. 🙂

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  6. Kally, Thank you for sharing this articleI. It is just what i want to hear. It is my dream to have”Everlasting Blossoms” on bookshelves someday. The Chinese edition was published in Taiwan 2011.
    The first dream I had a dreams was almost 40 years ago, to have a big Exhibition for my mother’s art pieces. I went to the National Library in Taichung myself. I was quite hesitated when I was asker “what is the category the exhibits may belong to?” I really didn’t know. They were not sculptures, not calligraphy or painting, not even flower arrangement which as often as I see at the library. With all my gallantry I replied: “I am not sure but they are surely some kind of art.” When I showed some pictures that I father toke. Right away they were accepted. Because they were a kind of unusual folk art. It was allotted to have a 9 days exhibition! The show room was always filled with viewers in those 9 days. My mother was in the show all the time. She was never been as happy as in those days. My dream came true.
    After the exhibition, the manger of the library asked my mother to hold a class to teacher how to crochet the flowers. She prepared the hand out of instruction herself, walking around the classroom to help everyone who had and question. It told me how enthusiastic my mother was trying to hand down her Everlasting Blossoms. She wished the world could be more beautiful and fill with happiness. There for more exhibitions in Taiwan were arranged. After my husband and I emigrated to US, At the 50 years Anniversary at Hall of Flowers in San Francisco Golden Gate Park, luckily some of the Everlasting Blossoms got a chance to squeezed in at the last minute and had a a table by the side door. After that some more shows. My mother did not come to any of those exhibitions due to her age and health. She passed away in 1996. I was planning to have a big exhibition after I retired as a tribute to my parents in Heaven. But the stoke got me two months before what was planned. I lost the movement of my left hand and foot. I could never be able to arrange any flowers for exhibits any more. My whole world collapsed. Till one day I found I can type with one hand!
    OK! I could not have exhibition any more. But wouldn’t it be even better if there is a book that tells about my parents , my mother’s art works and the method of how to crochet the Everlasting Blossoms and butterfly? Begin with collecting information and picture to click one key a time on the keyboard, and the final proofreading by my son, it took us more than five years to place Everlasting Blossoms on the bookshelf in Taiwan. But it is in Chinese. Was it my mother’s wish to have Everlasting Blossoms blossomed ever where? If English readers can follow the instruction to crochet some Everlasting Blossoms, wouldn’t it be wonderful. And with the encouragement of friends around me here in the US, I have a new dream. I translated the who book in English.
    Kally, it is my new dream! It sounds a little awkward for an 80 year old lady who live in a low income senior apartment to have such a dream. But, after all, dream dose not cost a penny!
    And Kally, your post encouraged me. Dream is a free gift of God. It sustain us.

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    1. It’s inspiring to know that your passion didn’t extinguished over the years instead your passion strive despite the obstacles and challenges you faced. It is very admirable that you are trying to honor the legacy your mother have left you. You have done great in your writing and in time to come I hope you will get your book to be publish in English. Looking forward to that!!

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          1. One suggestion is to focus more on what goes on in the mind of the little girl. Have her emotions tug on the readers heartstrings. I think having a descriptive story is better having a grammatically wrong story. Readers can be forgiving when your English is not perfect as long as it is readable however, a story is bad if it is just skimming though the details.

            That’s my little point of view. 🙂

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  7. ** thanks for the repost Kally! My dream isn’t actually related to writing , it’s more to do with finding a job in which I will be happy in . This blog is definitely something most people including myself can relate to , it takes time for things to fall into place although through the process it may feel as though it is taking forever but as long as you keep going it will happen one day !

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  8. According to my mom words have so much power and instead of having desire of becoming writer,I don’t believe that words have that magic which can actually bring changes in the thinking of people, I want to be a writer not for only inspiring but also want a critical writer. And where I live there are so much for criticising but still I don’t like to criticise but somethings really hurting my heart I really want to discuss those things openly with my audience. I want to be a provocative writer positively provocative

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  9. Pingback: herlix
  10. An excellent post and one that speaks to the writer in me. I’ve completed my first novel and will not rest until it is published. How many read it is not up to me and I am finally okay with this truth. Thank you for your inspiring words and ideas… keep doing what you do. You will make your dreams come true!

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  11. Change is the only constant thing in life.
    As long as we are intentional with our thoughts and actions, our direction will be towards positive change.
    Let’s dream intentionally, learn intentionally, make intentional effort to achieve our set goals, love intentionally…
    I would love that what I love doing generates income for me and I’ll be glad that it works for you too.
    We keep getting better everyday as long as we don’t give up.
    Thank you for sharing!

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