Dear Kally,

I have been a homemaker the better part of my life and I have not stepped into the workforce for 10 years. Now that my children are all in high school and that it will be really nice to earn some pocket money for myself, I decided to go and search for a job. I found your blog when I tried to google work related articles so I can update myself with the working world.

Before I head straight on, do you have any advice for someone who have not work in a long time? Both my husband and my kids don’t think I should go out and work, they think I would not able to fit in and ending up making myself miserable. I’m kinda skeptical about my ability too, although I do have a degree in economics and some former years of experience as an accountant assistant.

I don’t want to sell flowers by the road or serve coffee in a cafe. I hope I able to cope with something more challenging. What do you think?

Thank you.

Sincerely from,
Veronica D*

Hi Veronica,

I admire your bravery, wanting to return to the working world. I understand it is both exhilarating and scary at the same time, seeing that you might have lost touch in that area for 10 years.

Before you jump into the deep blue sea, it will definitely help if you prepare yourself of the following:
– Read up on current business news (especially relevant to a position that you want to do)
– You can refer here to find out more about yourself before settling for a specific job specialisation or industry.
– Talk to those around you and have them help you to list down things that you are really good at. Example: Organising, listening.. These attributes will help you narrow down a job description best fit you.
– Look within yourself and ask what is your passion.
– If you can, chat up with a recruiter. Have him or her to have a look at your resume, you may also get some tips from them on how to ease back into the working world. Alternatively, I can help you with your resume too, just drop me an email.
– Take short courses to help you to become more relevant in the market, it will refresh your memory on the studies you took or give you a different perspective.
– Start small, leap big. Start at a job that gives you the biggest confidence that you can conquer and achieve successfully. Within the job, you and your self esteem will increase by leaps and bounds.
– Last but not least, start preparing for interviews. Practice, practice and practice with your loved ones.

Finally, I applauded the courage you took 10 years ago in making the tough decision to be a stay home mum. You deserve a salute for the sacrifices you made for your family.

Thank you for dropping me an email.


13 replies on “A Word of Advice: Diving into the Deep Blue Sea

  1. Great insight Kally! …and for the author, you should get out there. Look around. Enjoy life. Your at a advantage of taking your time and finding something you’ll enjoy. You’ll be able to contribute more when you are enjoying what your doing. One tip I would give would be to call the establishment up, walk the pavement go in open the door and start asking questions. Don’t rely on filling out apps online. Have fun!

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  2. My friend gave herself a gift last year. She went to work at Pier I as holiday staff. It got her back in the work force in 4 hour shifts. Lifted her spirits in a transitional stage of life and once the holidays were over they kept her on. Lots of flexibility in s retail job part time while you feel out where you want to go with work. Plus, is their a happier place than Pier I at Christmas time?

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    1. Great advice for Veronica. Yes, I agree with you that she should start small without overwhelming herself.
      Thank you for reading and leaving us a positive comment!


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