When I received emails from all walks of life seeking my opinions on their issues, one thing stuck me the most is the confidence level of the writer. Like there are many things in life to be grateful of, there are many ways to boost up your confidence level and renew the faith in yourself. Other than having passion, confidence is something that will help you a lot in bringing your work to a higher level.

So how do you fake confidence, bad news is that you can’t. Just like you can’t fake passion. It comes within you, your heart. But…the good news is that you can increase confidence with the below easy steps:

encourage-866734_640You being you
Embrace who you are. You are who you are. Don’t change that about you. You can improve what you do but the core of who you are, where you came from matters.

board-928386_640Believe it
Believe that you matter to the world. You can change the world. Small steps maybe but not impossible. Believe in yourself when nobody believe in you because you owe it to yourself and no one else.

Set a tiny goal for yourself everyday, something you can achieve easily, something within your control. The goal can be “I want to walk for 15 minutes after lunch today.” to “I want to complete that article by hook or crook today.” to “I want to have a heart-to-heart talk with at least one of my team members today.”

affirmations-441457_640Think Positive 
Use positive adjectives in your sentences. Reduce words like ‘can’t’, ‘won’t’ or ‘don’t’. So instead of “I don’t have time to do this.” change it to “I might have time to do this if I try.” or “I shall find time to do this even if it’s not today.”


Surround yourself with love
Hang out with people you adore and who adore you. Display a photo of your kid hugging you on your work desk. Dress in your favorite colors. Change your desktop picture to a photo of your pet. Text 10 friends to let them know you missed them and one (or more) bound to respond back they miss you too! We all need reminders that we are loved and treasured.


Treat yourself
I believe the quickest and easiest way to perk oneself up is to treat yourself to something delightful yet doesn’t pinch your wallet. Like a stalk of sunflower, a 10 minutes shoulder rub by your partner, a quick hair trim, a new book, the chocolate cupcake in your cafeteria, the frappé from Starbucks (with whipped cream, of course!), download a new song from iTunes, even a new cup coaster from that swanky new shop opposite your office.


Go for a quickie
Spare yourself from lunch today and use the time to go and have a 30 minutes workout at the gym. No gym in your workplace? No worries. Put on your sneakers and run around the building thrice. You’ll feel better after all the negative energy have been expelled and feel refreshed after a shower.


Have a chat
Talk to the most positive jovial person in your office that you know. I used to work at a place where they have this person whose only job is to talk positive to you. You can tell her anything and everything, and expect her to find something positive about the situation to respond to you. Suddenly you felt the world isn’t as bad as you thought it was.


Room for growth 
Today you made mistakes, today you learnt, tomorrow you will put the past away and apply what you learn yesterday.

Love Heart in Sand

Last but not least, love you
Don’t expect anyone to love you if you can’t love yourself. Self love is the key to boost your confidence level. If you love yourself, you will never say let down speech to yourself. If you love yourself, you won’t look in the mirror and see a failure reflection of you. If you love yourself, you will give yourself a break when you did something wrong. If you love yourself, you will strut out there and owe it!

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42 replies on “Confidence Booster

  1. Great advice and I needed a bit of that today… Feel a bit overwhelmed with work at the moment… more and more stuff comes in and I don’t have enough time in the day. I need another Monday to finish my Monday tasks…. Keep positive and I am sure I will manage eventually. I do love to walk at lunchtime and then things happen and I can’t get out. Try again today…. Your blog gives me lots of help, thanks so much Kally

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    1. Stay positive! I’m sure you will finished everything in due time. Do try to prioritize those that is urgent. And always remember, Rome is not built within a single day, great work can’t be rushed within a day. Thank you for dropping me a comment!! 🙂

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  2. This is such a confidence boosting post, and great set of tips. I totally agree with this line: “You can’t fake passion”. If your heart is not into what you are doing at work, chances are your mind will be wandering all the time, thinking about things you’d rather be doing.

    Being positive and encouraging others at work certainly boosts self-esteem. I’ve been in jobs where I shared tasks with my colleagues and all they did was complain about what they were doing. It certainly brought my mood down, then I rationalised that they must really be in the wrong job and then focused on what I enjoyed about the job myself.

    I am a big believer in the last point – being you. And I believe we all have every right to be who we are where we work, and then we can enjoy our job more. I bring my stuffed monkeys to work in my current job, and my department doesn’t mind at all. In fact, they go along with it and it makes working there much more cheery 🙂

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    1. Stuffed monkeys? You really must share a photo of them in your blog!! I usually have a huge cork board where I’ll print positive feedback from my customers and pin it up or I’ll pin birthday and Christmas cards from colleagues. When I am frustrated at work, I just have to lift my head up and take a glance, telling myself this is why I am here and I am making a difference!
      Same for writing on my website, whenever I get a writer’s block or I feel really lethargic to carry on writing, I browse through each of the positive comments left for me and instantly, I am boost up. Voila!

      Okay, now you really have to share a photo of the monkeys to cheer me up. (PS. I am born in the year of monkey.) Haha!

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      1. I shared a photo of one of the stuffed monkeys, Mr Wobbles, on my meat post. I’m working on an upcoming post where I have all monkey photos, so hopefully that will come about soon!

        A little positivity can go a long way. While getting down and criticising yourself can be a reflective process, ultimately it is optimism that gives us the push to get going and keep going.

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  3. Yes Kally, you are right to say that one should love himself/herself and be positive. I think the secret of success always lies within you but you search for it from those who themselves have not seen the success in their life. Please continue giving us such lovely writings regularly. Love it Kally and God bless you

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  4. This is such a great post. Confidence is important for everyone to keep themselves be positive. I’ve read a story about confidence. There’s a teacher who asked the students about the price of 20 pounds. So the teacher tooked out the money and asked them for the price. And the answer is predictable, all students gave the same answer.’ It’s 20 pounds, sir!’ The teacher smiled, throwing the money onto the floor and repeated his question. The answer remained unchanged. Some of the students even started laughing because of the teacher’s quite silly action. The teacher stepped on the money and he had no chances to ask the question. Again, the students gave the same answer. So the teacher said: ‘ Sometimes people tend to live in others’ judments, compliments and insults. There are lotd of people who forget their prices when they are facing the setbacks in their lives. They think they are no longer as valuable as before. They are lousy. They are fragile . But they’ve forgotten that the price of someone will never change no matter whatever circumstances as long as they have enough confidence.’ So i hope that this story can be an inspiration too to motivate those people who are lack of confidence. Sometimes I tend to drop all my confidence too when I’m down but I will try and regain it as soon as possible.

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    1. Wonderful story!! Thanks so much for sharing it here. Its true that we see people lacking in confidence in themselves around us everyday. We need to help one another by lifting their spirit up and say “Hey, you are great today!” Most of the time, we are so quick to give a bad comment but reserved our compliments to ourselves.
      Thank you for dropping in on MiddleMe and your wonderful comment. I hope to see you here more often!


    1. I took a long way to realize that if you want positive things, you stay positive and make it happen. I think indulging oneself and rewarding oneself is often neglected and thought as selfish when we could do so much more for ourselves. Otherwise, we will be heading towards burning ourselves out.

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