As usual, I tried my best to read as many entries I could manage in a day on my followers. Most of the articles are interesting and relatable but I am always keeping my eye wide open for a special one. And I found this below by Sonu!

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Hope y’all enjoying weekend.

Are you aware that you talk with yourself every day? You might have noticed some people talking to themselves aloud and some talk to themselves. I DO. I often talk to myself. I felt talking to myself has improved me a lot. I just want to share this with people around me because this could literally change their daily thoughts and their way of looking at life.


If someone says something you don’t like what do you do? You would enact the whole scene in your mind envisioning yourself to offend. You enact a whole scene of anger in your mind! You envision yourself talking angrily, shouting, and saying not so nice things. If you spend time in such destructive inner conversations then it will result in negative circumstances. Most of us are totally unaware of the fact that our inner conversations are the causes of our life.


The following story is extracted from Neville Goddard’s speech about “Self-Talk Creates Reality” given in his own words.

“One day a girl told me of her difficulties in working with her employer. She was convinced that he unjustly criticised and rejected her very best efforts. Upon hearing her story, I explained that if she thought him unfair, it was a sure sign that she herself was in need of a new conversation piece. There was no doubt but that she was mentally arguing with her employer, for others only echo that which we whisper to them in secret. She confessed that she argued mentally with him all day long. When she realised what she had done, she agreed to change her inner conversations with her employer. She imagined that he had congratulated her on her fine work, and that she in turn had thanked him for his praise and kindness. To her great delight, she soon discovered that her own attitude was the cause of all that befell her. The behavior of her employer reversed itself. It echoed, as it had always done, her mental conversations with him”

It is normal to have inner conversations with in us, but most of the time we are subjected to focus on futile conversations which will distract our attention from what we are doing at that moment, by consciously being aware of those negative conversations and deliberately replacing it with positive thoughts we can have a positive life.

To get a further understanding about our inner conversations, do watch the speech rendered about Self-Talk Creates Reality by Neville Goddard.


PS. I do talk to myself when I thought no one is lurking behind me. Especially when I am stressed over something at work, I’ll try to boost myself up by giving praises to delude myself. Hey, it works for me! Perk my spirit right up with the help of my battle songs, I am all geared up and ready to go.

Do you talk to yourself too?

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