thank-you-620512_640This is a special edition post where I’ll like to thank my readers for following my website so far. I also like to take this opportunity to share a bit of who I am and my journey starting as a writer.

I resigned from my full-time job which I loved very much to close the gap of my long distance relationship and to take a break from all these years managing and giving my all to my career. As I embarked into a new exciting journey of relocating myself to another new country (Malaysia), this time much closer to home (Singapore), I wanted to take this time off to do something I have always wanted to do but did not have the courage nor time to do so – write.

So what to write? I know to keep the fire in me going, I needed to write something I am passionate in. I know for sure I am not a lifestyle blogger as I am fiercely private with my personal life. Nor am I going to write about food (although I’m a foodie). Since I have devoted more than 10 years of passion in business management and I have been told that I inspired people to do better for themselves, I decided to combine two of my passion, writing and inspiring folks to take charge of their career.

Writing like many of the writers have advised, it’s not easy. There are plenty of ideas swimming around my head all day, the more I spoke to people, the more inspired I became. It’s putting my passion into words will take time. After each article until I’m satisfied, takes up my energy, I felt drained but excited at the same time, energy bursting with the knowledge I’m giving back my best know how and helping people to better their lives.

But I want to do more. More than just writing in general. A lot of folks I met either online or in real life, shelved off their problems in their work life until it’s too late. Maybe it’s because we are all focused on how to improve our personal lives like how to live better, or how to take care of our health, what to eat, where to be seen, how to dressed in trends, people tend to overlook that the 40 hours we put into our lives every week has to count as well.

It’s not an equal balance if you are happy outside work but slave your hours each day, willing the minute until you are freed of your desk. It was not like that for me and many of the fortunate others I met. We enjoy our work and we enjoy our personal lives as well. We get out of our bed each day, enthusiastically can’t wait to go to office and start giving ourselves to better our society.

Hence, I’m coming up with a new column where I am inviting the readers here to write to me about their issue that they are facing at work. I will tailored my free advice according to your needs and published out to share with everyone here, all names and company name will kept confidential of course. If you do not wish to have it published, please let me know and I will respect your wishes and reply to you one on one.

On another note, I am offering my paid services to others out there. I have started professionally freelancing at a nominal fee at, UpWorkย and Freelancer. My services range from career advice, resume tailoring, translating and transcribing works, Internet research, data entries and writing articles. If you need those services or if you know someone who does, please do approach me.

Don’t worry, I will continue to publish great articles as I am doing now. This is my passion and as I often advocate to everyone here, I’ll never give up on my passion.

Once again, thank you readers for your kind comments and feedback. I promise I will continue to improve myself and work harder.

Now flood my inbox with your emails! Haha! Have a wacky fun weekend!

17 replies on “MiddleMe 1 Month Old

  1. Hi Kally our stories are somewhat similar. A slight difference was that I did not look up any advice. I too started off real slow and did the first month and change as an experiment. I was barely getting views or likes. I decided, rather remembered, I am not a one trick pony and I am still re learning new methods. I had maybe 15 followers in August and the last 2 months, actually less added 100. I have had 118 views in a day and 150 likes in a day and have reached a very unique following and I enjoy everyone’s posts. Though I can rattle off back to back posts and change subjects it is part of me. I have only seen one other poster write as often as I do but she goes sporadically all day. I can go 6 in a row and check everyone’s posts. You and I will definitely be seeing a lot of the same people and ourselves. I plan to increase my skills and vary it more. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Great plans to improve one’s blog. Wow.. You really have a huge following, don’t you? That’s amazing. We are improving every single day, we open our eyes, open our minds and we learn as we grow and grow as we learn.

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      1. I have grown as quickly as you. I literally was real slow and it took off a few weeks back. I got 45 new people in a week. It was crazy. I am trying to write on different subjects, have to re learn prose and styles and speak as a first, second and third person. I can be dark and funny. Being we have kids here I am not going to be graphic. ๐Ÿ™‚ I would guess but your responding time suggests that you may be local instead of abroad.?

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  2. Ah! Now that makes sense. I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly you were doing.
    Too foreign a landscape (business, not Malaysia.)

    And aren’t you just the clever one?!?

    Maybe I’ll see if you can come up with a new career for me.

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