Hiring within or outside

If you are manager, you’ll know the difficulty of making the decision whether to hire within or externally. Even you are not involved in decision-making such as this, understanding where your boss comes from, will help yourself to improve the chances of promotion the next time round.

Mid 30s Crisis

Begin the mid thirties, you then realized the job you are holding is not enough to satisfy you anymore whether it is passion, money or the career ladder you wished you have climbed. Welcome to the mid-thirties!

Setting Expectations

There are too many people out there struggling to stay afloat when expectations are not set correctly in the first place. This doesn’t only happen in the workplace but in our daily lives as well.

Actions don’t exactly speak louder than Words

There is an old saying “Actions speak louder than words” and I beg to differ. Of course, if you only brag loudly to everyone and not practice what you preach, your actions will definitely speak volumes.

Passionate @ Work

Among the people, there are vast difference for the definition of passion. It differs due to age, generations, background, education and of course, your experiences. But it shouldn’t let stop you from finding joy in the work you do day in day out for 8 hours a day.

Working with Asians

The key thing to have a successful relationship with them is not only to respect their differences but to understand their culture before you acknowledge the differences.

Customer Service with a Smile 

I am sharing this experience with you to let you understand that every job out there, you always can achieve more. I believe every job, any position, big or small, you can always innovate and push yourself further as long as you are passionate in what you do.