How To Make Your Website Earn Money For You

I‘m no Neil Patel, I can’t give you advice on how to make your website generate so much money until you, your children and your future grandchildren will never need to work for a living.

How To Save When You Are A Freelancer?

Being a freelancer has its perks and one of it is the freedom to choose the projects and clients you want. However, the downside is that as a freelancer, you don’t have a stable weekly or monthly income to depend on.

Guest Post: See How Silver Shines and Words Win in 2018 Best Practices with Hot Infographics

Everything you see in society started out as an idea; a concept. Nelson Mandela introduced new ideas to the world in order to promote a positive change. His enlightened perspective and wisdom are engraved in the world and his words remain evergreen. How important is it to have positivity in your work/life balance? What are…

7 Ways To Supplement Your Freelancing Income Regularly

The key to being a freelancer is to find clients, secure projects and collect your money. It will be easy if you can hold onto a regular income while pursuing your chosen lifestyle and interests without worrying when the next time money will come into your bank account.

Write SEO and Forget About The Most Important Thing

As a freelancing writer, I often get requests to write interesting and engaging content, most of the times to include keywords so enabling the article (hence the website as well) to get indexed on Google Search Engine. If you don’t know what SEO stands for, it is Search Engine Optimization. There are quite a few…

The Common Startup Mistakes That You’re Most Likely To Fall For

Taking those first steps into the world of business is immensely exciting. Amidst the enthusiasm, though, you should be aware that the number of failed startups easily outweighs the success stories. If yours is going to be one of the new SMEs that thrive, it’s imperative that you follow a winning blueprint. Those strategies will…