What is a Network Letter and How It Can Help You To Build Connections (with samples!)

Building connections is an important part of creating a professional career in any field you may have. However, if you are new to the industry or just starting up, what can you do to build and expand your network? The best way to start building your network is by writing a networking letter which you…

5 Ways to Build Great Relationships with Your Freelancers

Building great relationships with your employees is easier than building relationships with freelancers. Freelancers see you as clients rather than seeing you as their boss, which is the reason why you cannot seem to make a connection with them. That being said, working with a freelancer requires a lot of trust and very minimal micromanaging….

Merry Christmas!

This is the season, not only to be jolly but to be giving and sharing joy with others. Since I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (not a big holiday from where I come from), Christmas will be one of the jolly seasons that I am giving my thanks to.  I am grateful for the WordPress family here,…

Featured! I Feel Honored And Special

I didn’t know that MiddleMe is featured on Discover by the WordPress Editorial Team until my dear friend and loyal reader, da-AL pointed it out to me.

A Letter To My Doctor

Dear Doctor, Please let me start off this letter by letting you know my admiration for you on choosing this profession. Obtaining a medical degree is no easy feat and you have come a long way from cramping studies and prepping for your exams on all those sleepless nights.

A Letter To A Stay-At-Home Mom

Dear Stay-at-home mommy, Thank you for all the sacrifices you made when you thought nobody is looking. You put your career and dreams on hold so that you can nurture your little one so that he or she can be a better person.