Is A Degree A Must In This Time And Age?

Recently, my husband panicked over the rising cost of university education in Singapore. Partly because he has been reading unsolicited advice by insurance companies, trying to scare him into parting a portion of his salary to invest in some kind of long-term investment plan. Partly because he loves our 1-year-old daughter and want to be…

Conquering My Hatred Of Driving

I really really really hate driving. Partly it is stem from the fear of the action itself and partly because I’ve been in a car accident twice.

Are You Stopping Your Business From Growing?

Just last month I was back in my home country, Singapore to meet up some of my entrepreneurs buddies. One thing is to network and exchange our progress, another is to share experiences and give advice.

Self Awareness Is So Important To A Freelancer

Just last week I was introduced to an obnoxious Singaporean who graduated recently with a top honour degree in the mass communications field. She was a friend of a friend whom I bumped into common gatherings when we have mutual friends.

Conversation With SmileTutor’s Founder

I have once written that growing up in Singapore – my home country is extremely competitive and stressful even for a child. Many parents are programmed to think that if a child is not top of his class, he is designed to fail for the rest of his life. Hence, tuition agencies are mushroomed in…

My Life: Kuala Lumpur vs Singapore

I have relocated from Shanghai to Kuala Lumpur for almost 2 years now. From a small cosmopolitan country Singapore to a major city Shanghai and a buzzing world in Kuala Lumpur. For the past 4 years, it has been nothing short of an adventure. One thing that my friends love to ask me is what…