Relocation Blues I’m Having Right Now

Relocation is an exciting move to a new country or places whether it is due to a new job in the family that requires you to move or seeking out a new life in a totally different locality. I have moved twice in the past 6 years, both to China and Malaysia (where I’m residing…

Why Working Abroad is a Good Career Booster?

After graduating from college or university, you have a lot of options to consider as to what your next move will be. You can take a gap year to rest your mind from relentless studying, look into the work options or go back to school to pursue a graduate degree. If you are considering your…

12 Things You Need To Do Once In Your Career Life

Most people will be in the workforce for about 50 years, some even 60, depending on when they choose to retire or whether they started out early. But 50 years is a long time not to try out some risks and challenge yourself in different ways. Inspired by things I need to put in my…

Whisper: I Slept With My Bully

I love your column Whisper and I hope by sharing my story, perhaps some young girl out there will learn from my mistakes and maybe save herself from evil.

The Misconception Of Being An Expatriate

Yes, we are considered as an expatriate family. Just because we relocated to a different country for work, with relocation compensation, we are labelled as expatriates.

Conquering My Hatred Of Driving

I really really really hate driving. Partly it is stem from the fear of the action itself and partly because I’ve been in a car accident twice.