What You Didn’t Know You Could Negotiate When Relocating for a Job?

Moving to a new location is a very tedious job because you have to get used to a very new location, get the necessary documentation to settle in your new home and have your things sorted out.

I remembered my first relocation and I was a total emotional wreck, on top of having to sort out my personal and work stuff too!


For some, this is too much of a hassle because you are effectively starting from square one and the fees getting the move sorted can be daunting. However, for the sake of our career advancement, we will still agree with relocation and take the job.

Fortunately, you can make relocation easier by negotiating with your boss certain aspects of the move that they can help you with.

Here is the list of things you can negotiate with your HR before you accept your new job in a different location.


  1. Scouting Trip

Before you go for relocation, you need to make sure that you and your loved ones are ok with the move.

Ask the company or your boss to allow you to bring your loved ones on scouting trips to help you locate a new home and get used to the new area. It would help you in the long run if everyone moving with you loves the new location.

I was lucky to have regular business trips to Shanghai before I decided to move there for my career advancement. It helps to know that I am familiar with the culture before I decide on the big move.


  1. Housing

If you are moving to a new location for a job, it is important that you have temporary housing available until you can get your permanent residence sorted out.

Having temporary housing can also give you a sense of the new location. Check with your company or boss if they offer this benefit and discuss the details with them.

Finding the perfect home in a strange country is nearly impossible. The best way is to ask your colleagues in suitable areas and recommended properties rather than to take chance on finding one yourself with an agency.


  1. Pack and Transport

Moving to a new city or country will require you to move a lot of your things and that requires a special arrangement to get them all moved to your new home.

Speak to your employer if they have a relocation package or if they will provide a lump sum to help you move your things. If they offer a lump sum, keep all the receipts because it may help you get a tax deduction.


  1. Home Storage

It may take a while before you can find a perfect home in your new work area and because of that, you need a place to store your belongings.

If your company has a warehouse in your new work area, try asking if you can store your stuff there until you can move them into your new home.

You may be surprised that not many asked for such services but ended up storing their personal things in their office or their colleagues’ homes.


  1. Extra Stipend

Finally, you will need extra cash to pay for unforeseen expenses as you move to a new location for work. Your employer may provide a lump sum or a stipend to help you with your relocation, so use it wisely when they do provide this monetary support.


For most of us, we will do anything to get our dream job, even if it will mean moving to another city or location. It may aid us in our career advancement because a new job in a new area can mean new opportunities for learning and even help us learn more about our career.

So, before you say yes to the job, negotiate how you can make things easier for you to move with your boss because it is a big decision to make. Good luck!

Any good tips on relocation? We welcome your comments below.

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  2. You just like to cover all the bases. Your experiences are invaluable. I continue to be in awe of your insights.

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    This is great information. I am looking to relocate after retirement.

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