A Word Of Advice: How To Get Him To Like Me

Hello Kally, You have known to dish out good bits of advice. I wonder if you can help me out in my situation. I’m not very good with people and probably lack people skills. I am a fresh grad who landed myself a job straight after my graduation. You can say I am very lucky….

Whisper: I Slept With My Bully

I love your column Whisper and I hope by sharing my story, perhaps some young girl out there will learn from my mistakes and maybe save herself from evil.

A Word Of Advice: Coaching The Impossible

Hey There Kally, How’d doing? Love your previous articles, I still need time to catch up with all of them but I want to tell you that some of your tips helped me plenty especially during a tough job search. Now you know I have been searching for a stable job for a year to…