Top 10 Reasons Why Employees Leave

In today’s competitive work environment, it is not uncommon to hear about employees resigning. There are many reasons why they leave their position, from moving to another location to be with their family, returning to school to switching jobs. As an employer, it is challenging to prevent personal reasons from causing their employees to leave….

How to Handle Taking a Career Break

Are you thinking about pausing your career for a bit to unwind, spend time with your family or fulfil your lifelong dream? Taking a short break from work can be daunting, especially if you do not prepare for it. Fortunately, there are several tricks to achieve a successful career break and prevent any stress as…

Covid-19: Employees asked to Take Unpaid Leave by Companies

Recently, I came across news from both Malaysia and Singapore on employers and businesses are penalising their own employees who are issued with compulsory leave of absence or stay-home notice because they are at risk of contacting Coronavirus or Covid-19 in short.

12 Things You Need To Do Once In Your Career Life

Most people will be in the workforce for about 50 years, some even 60, depending on when they choose to retire or whether they started out early. But 50 years is a long time not to try out some risks and challenge yourself in different ways. Inspired by things I need to put in my…

Is it Time to Look for a New Job?

Are you currently mulling over the prospect of resigning from your current job and getting a new one? If your answer is yes, you should not immediately send a resignation letter once you feel it because that decision may haunt you once you start job hunting.

It’s A Dog Year

Today is the first day of the lunar Chinese New Year. For all the Chinese around the world, regardless they are in China, Singapore or in the States, this festival means a lot to us.