How To Tell Your Boss You Don’t Want A Promotion

For many of us, we often jump at the chance for promotion the very minute it is offered to us. However, our co-workers may disagree with the promotion and say it’s not yet time for us to get it. Some are content on where they are and know it is not yet the time to…

Is it Time to Look for a New Job?

Are you currently mulling over the prospect of resigning from your current job and getting a new one? If your answer is yes, you should not immediately send a resignation letter once you feel it because that decision may haunt you once you start job hunting.

4 Ways to Prevent Yourself from Getting Complacent at Work

It is not uncommon for many of us to become complacent at work, especially if we managed to secure the job of our dreams. As much as possible, we will not do anything to cause us to lose the job and get involved actively in workplace affairs. However, staying complacent at work is not very…

A Word Of Advice: Money Or My Soul?

Hey ya, Kally, I read so many great things about you and I thought I’d throw in my problem for you to solve as well. Really, I’m at the end of the road here. I have been working for my company for almost 9 years. That is since graduation. Never once I love my job….

Swallowing Criticism With Pride

It is not easy to graciously accept constructive criticism. Many people struggle with receiving feedback even it’s completely accurate. For some as soon as the words critique are mentioned, their minds begin to race searching for an explanation for the seeming assault on their person. And they look for an angry reply to rationalize their…

Are You Stopping Your Business From Growing?

Just last month I was back in my home country, Singapore to meet up some of my entrepreneurs buddies. One thing is to network and exchange our progress, another is to share experiences and give advice.

Be Farsighted

Sometimes we are so shortsighted of what is in front of us that we just lose sight of the bigger picture in life. Here are a few scenarios that you may find yourself in that calls for you to set your vision and take calculated risk to leverage your situation. Scenario 1 This is what…