Why Are You Unable To Get Hired As A Freelancer on Upwork

Upwork is a popular online platform that connects freelancers with clients from around the world. While it allows freelancers to work on various projects and earn a steady income, it can be challenging to land their first gig or attract consistent work.

Several factors can impact your success on Upwork, including your profile, experience, rates, job selection, and proposal quality. In this post, let’s explore these five common reasons why you may not be getting gigs on Upwork in more detail and provide some tips and strategies for improving your chances of landing jobs on the platform.

1. Your Profile Is Incomplete Or Ineffective

Your Upwork profile is essentially your online resume and portfolio, and it’s the first thing potential clients will see when considering hiring you. If your profile is incomplete or doesn’t highlight your skills and experience effectively, clients may be less likely to hire you. Ensure your profile is complete, up-to-date, and showcases your skills and expertise clearly and compellingly.

2. You Don’t Have Enough Experience Or Feedback

Upwork clients want to hire freelancers who demonstrate they have the skills and expertise to complete the job successfully. If you’re new to Upwork and don’t have any feedback or reviews from previous clients, it may be challenging to get hired. To build your profile and reputation, consider taking on smaller jobs or offering your services at a lower rate. As you complete more jobs and receive positive feedback, you can gradually increase your rates and take on more challenging projects. Try searching for clients who tend to give good reviews on every job. Or having an experienced Upwork client who has hired before, so they know how critical those reviews are to you.

3. Your Rates Are Too High Or Too Low

Generally, clients have a wide range of budgets, and pricing your services competitively is important. If your rates are too high, clients may be hesitant to hire you, especially if they can find similar services for a lower price elsewhere. On the other hand, if your rates are too low, clients may perceive your work as low quality and be hesitant to hire you for more complex or challenging projects. Research Upwork to see what other freelancers in your field are charging, and adjust your rates accordingly. Also, consider your competitors’ location; a USD$10 may buy you two decent meals in India, but not Singapore.

4. You’re Not Applying To The Right Jobs

To increase your chances of getting hired on freelancing platforms, applying to jobs that match your skills and experience is important. If you’re applying to jobs outside of your area of expertise or that you don’t have the skills for, clients will likely reject your application. Take the time to carefully read job postings and ensure you’re applying to jobs that fit your skills and experience. Try your hand at a gig where you have previous work experience in a similar industry; clients will likely hire you if they don’t need to guide you too much before you start.

5. Your Proposals Are Not Convincing

There are a lot of proposals for each job posting, so it’s essential to make sure yours stands out. Your submission should be tailored to the job you’re applying for and demonstrate that you understand the client’s needs and have the skills to complete the job successfully. Ensure you proofread your proposal carefully and ensure it’s free of errors or typos.

Several Things You Can Do To Improve Your Chances Of Getting Gigs On The Platform

  1. Start small: Take on smaller jobs or offer your services at a lower rate so you can collect more feedback to build your profile and reputation.
  2. Set competitive rates: Research Upwork to see what other freelancers in your field are charging, and adjust your rates accordingly. Make sure your rates are competitive but also reflect your level of experience and the quality of your work.
  3. Be responsive and professional: When communicating with clients, be responsive, professional, and respectful. Make sure you’re meeting deadlines, providing high-quality work, and communicating clearly and effectively with clients throughout the project.
  4. Look at your competitors: You need to know who you compete against. Understand their unique selling points and how you can better yourself against them. Look at their rates, profile, and the type of gigs they get for references so you can improve yours.
  5. Expand your skills: Consider expanding your skills or learning new ones in high demand on Upwork. This can help you stand out from other freelancers and make you more competitive in your field. For example, I am both a writer and a recruiter. I have companies that hire me as a talent acquisition for authors while I am also hired to write job descriptions as my other gigs.
  6. Network and collaborate: Join online groups or forums related to your field and connect with other freelancers or clients who may be able to refer you to potential job opportunities. Consider collaborating with other freelancers on larger projects to increase your exposure and build your portfolio.
  7. Consider working with a coach or mentor: Consider hiring a coach or mentor who has experience with Upwork and can provide personalised guidance and support to help you succeed on the platform.

In conclusion, if you’re struggling to get gigs on Upwork, taking a strategic approach to your profile, experience, rates, job selection, and proposal quality is vital. Optimising these factors can improve your chances of getting hired, building your reputation on the platform, and ultimately earning more income as a freelancer.

While getting started on Upwork can be challenging, many success stories of freelancers have built thriving businesses on the platform over time. With the right strategy, determination, and guidance, it’s possible for new freelancers to succeed on Upwork and build a successful freelance career.

Do You Need Extra Guidance?

I can provide you with general advice and guidance on succeeding on Upwork. However, suppose you’re a new freelancer looking for more personalised guidance and support. In that case, you may benefit from hiring a coach to help you navigate the platform and develop a winning strategy for success. I can provide customised feedback on your profile and proposals, help you identify and apply for the right jobs, and guide you in building your reputation on Upwork over time. By working with me, you can accelerate your success on the platform and start landing more gigs and earning more income as a freelancer.

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    This is good information. There’s a time i really struggled getting jobs on upwork. After doing all the revisions on myprofile and research in my area.

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