5 Small Steps to Celebrate Small Wins to Achieve Big Goals

When you talk about small wins, these are small tasks you were able to succeed in to achieve your goals. These tasks could be related to your personal life, work or habits. Sometimes, these small wins are ignored in favour of more significant wins, especially when achieving success in one’s career.

Celebrating one’s small wins can make a difference if you want to increase your chances of achieving your big life goals. But how exactly should you celebrate small victories? Here’s how below:

1. Break Your Significant Goals Down Into Smaller Goals

Many of us tend to quit halfway when dealing with large goals because we think it is beyond our capabilities. But, if you break down these goals into smaller goals and succeed in them, it will make it more manageable to achieve your big goals and see your progress easier.

2. Change Your Perspective

Sometimes, we tend to overfocus on the end goal rather than what is before us, which is why we tend to think we will never reach the end. Try not to think of it as a tough mountain to climb but rather as a mountain climb with rest stops where you can rest for a bit and enjoy the journey. Enjoying your progress will make it easier for you to think that your big goals are achievable; you just need to be patient, and you will get there!

3. Don’t Pressure Yourself

When making goals, some of us tend to put strict deadlines on them. But, as the date becomes closer and you are nowhere near achieving these goals, you will feel like a loser for failing to achieve your targets. Don’t be shy in being flexible with your target dates for your purposes because it will boost your motivation and happiness as you slowly achieve key milestones and celebrate these small wins.

4. Track Your Progress

If you feel like you are far off from your big goals, try writing your progress down in a notebook, so you have visible proof that you are progressing towards your big goals. Write down the small wins as well so that you can stay motivated and be rewarded as you see that your efforts are not in vain.

5. Reward Yourself

When trying to achieve any goal, you should always motivate yourself to push forward. With this in mind, think about something you genuinely want to do once you complete a specific goal. When you have something to look forward to, your brain will immediately focus on that reward and be motivated to finish your goal with zeal.

It can be very overwhelming to try to achieve big goals, whether for your personal life or career. Some of us may even find ourselves on the wayside and procrastinate because we may think our goals are unachievable. However, celebrating any small wins, you get along the way will motivate you to keep pushing forward and feel good that you are getting closer to the big prize.

I always believe in celebrating every milestones in my life, big or small. Every little things is worth celebrating.

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  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    I’m not one for celebrating much, but I do think small wins and small steps should at least be recognised. That is, you knew you made some small progress and that is a job well done. For me, whether it is with my writing or work or personal life, a lot of the time I remember the small things along the way and they are much more meaningful than the big goals or end result of a journey.

    I like the second point you brought up on change your perspective. A lot of the time what is in front of us can teach us important lessons or opportunities for us to work on ourselves towards making progress. I think reflecting on the present and progress is also a chance for us to see if there is a better way to get where we are going – the journey is often not as clear cut as it seems and thing can change. This is especially so at work in an organisation where often you work in a team and taking things step by step, you can make sure everyone is present and included.

    Hope you are doing well, Kally 🙂


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