Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year, MiddleMe readers! Thank you for sticking through thick and thin with me through these years.

On Christmas Day 2022, I had diagnosed with Covid. I had to quarantine myself in the bedroom, unable to celebrate with my loved ones. But worse was when Baby Amelia tested positive for Covid on New Year’s Eve, which happened to be her birthday. So we had to postpone the celebration. But keeping my spirit up, at least I get to smother her with kisses during quarantine since both of us are positive. Lol!

I also console myself that she is showing no symptoms at all, while the worst for me was blown over in the first few days when I was isolated alone.

So Christmas and New Year were a silent affair for the whole family. We thought, “Hey, there is always Chinese New Year to look forward to!” Guess what? Baby Amelia is down with Hand Foot Mouth Disease. For those who aren’t familiar, the condition is not as severe as Covid, but it is contagious, especially towards young children who aren’t good with personal hygiene.

Keeping my toes crossed (as I wrote this post in advance) that she will recover in time for the Chinese New Year.

I don’t want to be sharing only woes during this festive season. Here is a photo of Baby Amelia celebrating her 1st birthday (post-celebration).

Here’s a big shoutout to those who bought my book. Thank you so much for being so supportive. I hope you enjoy reading my book and that it will help you to kickstart freelancing as a career. For those still on the fence, it is a great book that empowers you to be financially independent while staying home.

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  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 YOU!!! ARE Most Welcome and a Happy New Year to YOU!!! too; may this Year of The Rabbit (I THINK!!! 🤔 ?) Bring YOU!!! ALL YOU!!! Hope, Desire and Deserve

    … 💛💚💙…


  2. Congratulations on your book! Wow! I will check it out. Thanks for sharing the link. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! She’s so cute! Praying for her healing and yours as well. Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

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  3. Congratulations to Amelia and her book Kally! Best work ever! I’m so sorry about what had happened to you through Covid.But nice to hear that you have recovered well. Have a Happy Chinese NEW YEAR, the year of the water rabbit. Even though i had never heard about rabbits who loving water. Lol xx Michael


  4. C.A. Post says:

    Happy New Year… of the Rabbit, Anita’s year!
    Praying for all Father’s blessing on you and your family throughout the Year of the Rabbit!
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  5. vermavkv says:

    Congratulation to Baby Amelia.
    Happy New year.


  6. Happy Lunar New Year to you, and very best wishes to you and to your family. And Baby Amelia is a sweetheart!


  7. Aw, bless you both! I trust you’re better now – and immune systems in full gear! Happy New Year! You don’t need a holiday to throw a party, you can celebrate life any day.
    (In my younger days I was in a musical play, “MAME,” where the opening scene was a big party on a random date,and “Auntie Mame” was singing, “It’s Today!” 🥳🎶

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  8. jminx94 says:

    Happy Lunar New Year to you!! So sorry to hear you and your daughter had COVID. i hope you both are having a much better year and month than around the holiday season.


  9. Happy Lunar New Year to you!!


  10. Surrounding all of you with Angels who have healing in their wings! And wishing you a lovely New Year, Kally. ❤


  11. Alev Abla says:

    Umarım iyisindir Kally. Tatlı baby Amelia mutlu nice yaşlar sana. 🎂


  12. equipsblog says:

    Hope the two of you are now feeling much better.


  13. Happy Birthday Amelia! You are such a splendid, adorable girlie ❤ ❤ ❤
    And Happy Joyful New Year to all the family 🙂


  14. Happy Lunar New Year to you Kally! 🎆✨🎇 Praying that you and Baby Amelia get stronger and healthier every day! 🎐🐇👘


  15. Congratulations on getting your book published, Kally! Your little girl is absolutely precious.


  16. sooo sorry about Covid Kally but Cheers to The Lunar New Year, your book and your adorbs baby Amelia.. xoxoxxoxoxo 💗


  17. Happy New Year! Hope your family is doing well now.


  18. Happy CNY! That sucks that you got Covid, and yeah, one of plus points of having close ones infected is that you don’t need to separate from them. That was certainly the case when my partner and I got infected. Great on your new book! I’ll definitely check it out.

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  19. Jennie says:

    She is precious! Happy celebrations!

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  20. Happy new year! What a fantastic looking cake your beautiful daughter has there!

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  21. Paola says:

    Happy First Birthday to the beautiful little girl, she is wonderful! Enjoy the celebrations

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  22. So glad you and Amelia are doing much better.


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