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  1. So very true, even though sometimes they seem a little late!


  2. C.A. Post says:

    Like the scene from “Bruce Almighty,” God asked Bruce how he thought He should give people patience, “by just making them more patient or putting people in their lives that would require patience?;” how He could make them more courageous, by just “zapping them with courage, or putting them in situations that require courage?”
    Solid theology in today’s quote! (Not that I would always go to Morgan Freeman or Jim Carrey for theology! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ but today’s worked out okay. ๐Ÿ˜).
    โค๏ธ&๐Ÿ™, c.a.


  3. God puts people in our lives to teach us things we need to know, and we never know who we may encounter who may need to know about Him. We walk in this world from day to day never thinking about just who may need us. There may be someone who needs a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or someone to just be there for them. We all need someone at some point in our life to teach us a little wisdom that will help us along the way in life. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week. God bless, and Merry Christmas ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ„


  4. We can all learn from one another โค

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  5. DutchIl says:

    Thank you for sharing!!.. โ€œThe teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.โ€ ( Kahlil Gibran ).. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope your life’s path is paved with love and happiness and until we meet again..
    May love and laughter light your days,
    and warm your heart and home.
    May good and faithful friends be yours,
    wherever you may roam.
    May peace and plenty bless your world
    with joy that long endures.
    May all life’s passing seasons
    bring the best to you and yours!
    (Irish Saying)


  6. Ena says:

    Quite true!


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