10 Ways to Be Happier At Work Now

Most of us spend most of our day at work and mingle with the same people. Since we spend all this time at work, it is vital that you make it enjoyable since it will make the work bearable and keep everyone happy.

However, there is a growing trend of people resigning from work because of factors like being unappreciated by their team, the feeling of always being available for work even after hours and poor work-life balance.

Fortunately, there are ways to make work fun and enjoyable for all and down below are 10 ways you can try to achieve it:

1. Focus On Your Professional Development

To be happy at work, you must focus on professional development. Do your research to see how you can grow in the company and get to know your colleagues so you can work well with them.

2. Audit Your Performance And Make The Right Changes

Before each work week, write down a list of tasks you do at work and determine which tasks affect your performance. During the middle of the week, ask yourself if you can do something about the draining tasks that make you more motivated to continue working.

3. List Your Accomplishments, Positive Comments And Thank Yous From Other People

Some people often become unhappy because they compare themselves to successful people they see online. All can achieve success, and you can let yourself be aware of this by listing down all the accomplishments you did during the week and the comments and thank yous you received.

4. Be Disciplined About Rest And Achieving Balance

To stay happy and productive at work, you must know how to balance your activities. Take breaks, sleep on time and always eat a balanced diet. It will work wonders once you get into a healthier habit than before.

5. Limit Your Time With Toxic Coworkers

There will be people who will make your work life unbearable. But, if you limit your time being in their presence, you will be able to focus on your task well and build the right relationships in the office.

6. Reward Yourself

Work can get very challenging at certain times, and you may even face a major project. If you don’t want to feel stressed out during this time, try rewarding yourself to motivate yourself.

7. Don’t Hesitate To Help Others

Helping others can help you feel a lot happier at work. When you help someone, you become satisfied that you are doing something good and even influence others to copy your actions.

8. Know Your Worth

When you find yourself burning out, it can be hard to remember why you are in this job in the first place. Once you start feeling the strain and are close to burnout, take time and think about what you have done so far. Then, create new goals to help you achieve the same accomplishments and stay motivated.

9. Take Advantage Of Office Benefits

Every office nowadays offers a variety of perks for their employees to keep them motivated and stay with the company. However, some of these perks are often forgotten because of how busy work can be. If you need a power boost, check what office benefits you can avail of and use them!

10. Smile

Don’t be afraid to smile. Smiling can actually make you happier, even if it is a forced one. Even if the task before you is challenging, smile, and you may find yourself relaxing a bit. Work doesn’t have to be a place to fear or dread; there are ways to make it more fun and help you stay motivated. Try these ten tips for yourself and if needed, speak to your boss to help you out with initiatives to keep everyone happy at work.

How to make sure you are truly happy at work? Take good care of yourself, not just physically but also mentally.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Keith says:

    Kally, these are all very good, but let ne highlight Number Five picking just one. This one is a gift to yourself if you can avoid the toxic few. One person asked me why I did not go to lunch with a narcissistic colleague. My answer was simple, “I don’t want to listen to him running down others.” Keith

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  2. It also helps to love what you do. Then it doesn’t feel like work, especially when you get messages from work from morning til night and on the weekends.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gregoryno6 says:

    I audited my performance and made the right changes.

    Rather than take the Fauci junk juice I quit my job in January and had a hermit life for a few months. When vaccine mandates were lifted I went back into temp working. So far it’s working well. It seems a lot of people in my field were old enough to say ‘No thanks’ to the shots and retire. There’s a fair bit of work about.
    I was a labourer for an agency back in my 30s when I first arrived in Perth, and loved it. As an unskilled worker, moving around between factories and warehouses and other places was as close as I could get to being my own boss. There’s something about temp working that keeps me on my edge. As a full timer I become complacent; as a skilled worker now, there’s plenty of opportunities.


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