What are The Must Have Elements of an Exceptional Blog Post?

Blogs are the most popular way for small to big businesses to market their products, services and branding. No matter your industry, you can use a blog entry to emphasise what you offer and showcase your expertise.

However, some people find it tricky to work with blogs because they believe they can’t write an exceptional blog post that will catch people’s attention. Some would say they will need extra help to achieve their goals with a blog.

But, while this may be true that not all people are born great writers, you can still make an excellent blog post if you know what it is made of. Down below are 6 must-have elements of an exceptional blog post that you should be familiar with:

1. Interesting Topic

Before you write anything on your blog, you must have a topic you and your audience find interesting to look into and discuss. It must also be a trending topic, so people know you are up-to-date with your niche.

If you are uncertain about what your target audience wants to read next, research what is trending or check the on-site search to see what people are looking for.

2. Informational Headers and Subheaders

A blog post must have headings and subheadings that will make it easy to read and scan the content. When writing these headers and subheaders, incorporate keywords naturally to make it easier for search engines to identify what your content is about.

3. Engaging Body

For a blog post to be considered exceptional, you must ensure that your blog’s main body is fleshed out and show your familiarity with the topic. Blog posts can be anything from personal experiences using a product or service to any observations you may have about a topic. It must also be seen in your body that you have a goal in mind that you like to conclude.

4. Eye-catching Supportive Graphics

Some people dislike skimming through long blog posts and prefer photos or graphics incorporated into the main text. The illustrations you should use should be related to the content you are writing and should be attractive, so people spend a long time checking your entire post.

5. Powerful Call-to-action

Almost every exceptional blog post has a call to action for readers to do after reading the post. When writing the call to action, you must know what action you want them to take. Some calls to action you can get your readers to do include getting them to comment, check a link or look into the product or service you are featuring.

6. Brief But Specific Meta Description

It would be best if you had a personalised meta description displayed in search results. Meta descriptions are short snippets of your post, usually the first two sentences of your article. However, you can edit this to personalise the meta description to catch your target audience looking for your content.

Whether you are using your blog to promote your brand or simply wish to reach out to people to share what you know or love, there are tricks to make it extra special for your readers. Once you write your blog post, take some time to add these elements because it will undoubtedly shift the way people see your blog.

Do you agree? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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  1. jminx94 says:

    Yep. It gets better and more natural the more you write.


  2. Most definitely…and more interesting is the fact that blogs can be used for revolutionary just like any other publications.

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  3. Hi Kally! Thanks for another great guide through the darkness of good writing. I hope you and yours are well! Enjoy a beautiful week! xx Michael


  4. newwhitebear says:

    What you suggest is valid in general. It is the best way to approach the blog and write interesting things.


  5. Thanks for sharing, and I agree with what you have written. Very well said. Thank you for sharing valuable information. I always learn something from you when I read your posts. Although I am a writer, I enjoy learning new information about writing. Have a blessed week.


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