Weekly Wisdom 20 October


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  1. Gregoryno6 says:

    Risky, but ultimately satisfying.


  2. Being yourself is the best way!


  3. I was al lost in the Supermarket. They had a special offer wich guaranteed personality. all lost.


  4. newwhitebear says:

    Ok for self-confidence. I disagree on duplicating a successful personality. It is better to be and remain ourselves.


  5. Absolutely. I will always be myself, express myself always, and respect myself. I have an awesome personality. I don’t have to find a new one to be like others. I accept myself for who I am. Thanks for sharing. Have an amazing week.


  6. I Think it was Shakespeare who said:
    “To thy own self be true”…. I learned that in HS, about 60 years ago, and made THAT my life’s goal…. GREATB advice!

    Thanks and God Bless,


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