What Should You Pack for Your Work Trip

Are you heading out for a business trip in a nearby city or out of the country? If that is a yes, you may be wondering what kind of items you need to bring with you during your trip.

When you go on vacation, it is pretty easy to pack. Simply put enough clothes for the trip, toiletries and whatever you think you will need for the trip and you are set. However, business trips require more than just bringing clothes and your essentials along.

To help you with your packing, here are 10 items you should not forget to bring along on your business trip:

1. Business Cards

Since this will be a business trip, you need to have a business card to share your information with your associates and new partners formally. Have a pack in your carry-on and make sure it is up-to-date.

2. Mobile Power Strip

It can be difficult to charge all your devices in the hotel because they only have limited sockets for you to use. With a mobile power strip, you can charge easily even if there is only one socket in your hotel room, and you can also use it to charge while you are in a cafe.

3. Mobile Internet or WiFi

Hotel internet can sometimes be spotty; if you are in a different country, you need internet access to get around quickly. Before your trip, have your mobile provider activate your mobile internet plan or rent a pocket WiFi that would work in the place you are visiting.

4. Breath Mints

During your business trip, you will meet many new people and speak to them about your business or your position on a topic. With this in mind, you must make sure your breath smells fresh.

5. Pencil And Pad Of Paper

It is also best to have a pencil and a pad of paper or notebook with you during your business trips. This will allow you to write important information discussed during your meetings and seminars. Make sure it is easy to reach because you don’t want to appear impolite while trying to get it from your suitcase.

6. Comfortable Clothes

When travelling, you will find your clothes all crumpled up in your luggage, and you don’t want that for your business attire. Pick business clothes that don’t wrinkle easily and are lightweight. You also need to make sure that you have enough clothes for both your meetings and your day-offs

7. Laptop or Tablet

You may be asked to present a report or attend virtual meetings on a business trip. While there are hotels that come with a business centre where you can use a computer, some may have a fee to rent out these computers. By bringing your laptop or tablet, you can do your work in peace and save the rental fee for something else.

8. Relaxation Aids

Business trips can get stressful and overwhelm you, especially if you have to go to back-to-back meetings. Bring something that will help you relax after your busy day. It could be a book you want to read or a handheld console.

9. Noise-Cancelling Headphones Or Earphones

If you are flying on a plane, chances are you will find it difficult to get a short shut-eye because of a crying baby or a noisy seatmate. You can alleviate this problem by bringing a trusty pair of noise-cancelling headphones or earphones, slipping them on during your trip, and taking the chance to sleep.

10. Lightweight Carry-On Luggage

It would help if you had a piece of lightweight carry-on luggage that you would be able to carry around during your business trip. Check the maximum size of your preferred airline and make sure you pack according to the weight limit, so you don’t need to check your luggage in and lose time in the airport waiting around to get it.

Packing for a business trip doesn’t have to be stressful if you pack early and know what to pack. Before your trip, please take note of this list, research what else you may need, and then prepare it accordingly. Good luck and have a safe business trip!

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. I also like to bring a USB drive. If for whatever reason my laptop doesn’t work, I can download or save files from a client’s computer.


  2. Keith says:

    Kally, good suggestions. From one who has traveled a lot on business, watch out for those business dinners, as the calorie intake is huge and drink moderately, as being groggy the next day is not a good tactic. Keith


  3. newwhitebear says:

    what precious information!


  4. sherazade says:

    Ottimi consigli. Alcuni come la ciabatta mai avrei pensato!
    Enjoy yr summer🌻


  5. Alev Abla says:

    A very valuable share. Kelly, Thank you very much.


  6. Alev Abla says:

    Kally 🤷‍♀️ Özür dilerim Klavye hatası


  7. A good checklist, Kally. I like to be super organised, so my only piece of carryon luggage for many years has been an iPad. I have great peace of mind as a result of not worrying about and doing all those things that comes with a carryon bag etc.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kally says:

      Thank you so much, Sean. I can’t really work on an iPad. I usually bring along my iPhone and MacBook to any trips, business or pleasure.


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