Hello MMers,

Sorry for the late post this month. And I am missing out on a lot of comments.

Okay, this is getting serious. I’m getting close to the endgame. Left with one month to sleep and eat all I can, I am doing whatever I can to enjoy the last moments before a new life is bestowed upon us.

Daddy, ready? Checked!
Audrey, ready? Checked!
3 cats, ready? Checked, checked, checked!

Mummy, ready? Noooooooooo…. But I am ready to move away from my toilet throne to a walking zombie state. Unfortunately, I am still throwing up now and then, in a constant nausea state, even in my last leg of the third trimester.

As per last month’s post, I have been massively travelling with my family, and I want to make sure that I have enough photos to update this post to make this enjoyable for you.

I will let my photos speak a thousand words to you as we wind up what is left of this year.

Our 1st Roadtrip – Glamping in the Forest

The Glasshouse @ Sekeping Serendah
Quiet and Serene Swimming Pool

Our 2nd Roadtrip – Cherating The Beach!

Little one enjoying her henna
On a sampan to catch fireflies
A little visitor – Mr Praying Mantis

Our 3rd Roadtrip – Cultural Trip to Penang

Heritage Shophouses

Penang’s famous street mural
Our first trishaw ride!

This is not the last of me! Keep a lookout for Christmas and New Year posts as I spread my wishes and love while addressing important issues close to my heart.

28 replies on “December is the Month of The Last Leg of The Race

  1. Good luck! “Morning sickness” is a mysterious thing. When I was carrying my first child, I had to force myself to eat, even though I was so nauseated I just wanted to lie in bed all day. With the next two however, I had absolutely no problems…except for the last one being so big, my internal organs got rearranged. I hope that final stage is easy for you, and you’re able to get some rest and recovery before you hit the ground running. Those vacation photos are very appealing!


  2. Sending you best wishes on the last leg of the race. Keep healthy and take it easy. The trips look great, you are seeing so much also giving your little one lots of memories. It is good to travel and have important time with your own loved ones. Great pictures!

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  3. Beautiful, Kally! Your gorgeous pictures and your sense of fun and appreciation foretell a magical childhood for the new baby. Imagine taking in a world as gorgeous as the one you’ve imagined – and realized. Yours is one happy home. You and your family are wonderfully loving.

    In short, you’re giving the baby every advantage, and you’re creating the memories which will inspire the baby to strive for the exact same thing 25 or 30 years hence.

    Best wishes, warm thoughts and such – can’t wait to hear the good news!

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