Today is Singapore’s 56th birthday.

As a Singaporean living abroad for the past 8 years (especially through the horrible 2020), I do miss my homeland. But I am proud to say how well Singapore did and still doing for her people in coping with the pandemic. 

I want to share some of my favourite Singapore National Day songs that not only have melodic tunes but have lyrics that close to my heart. I do hope that you will enjoy the songs as much as I did when I was much much younger.

You get to see what it was like for Singapore when she was in the 1980s. A very young country, indeed!

You can see that in all the videos, a racial harmony is strongly portray and advocate, even until today.

And finally, this song is the one that always get me all emotional and teary every single time I hear this. Although I know my home is wherever my heart is, this song will always remind me that my true origins, my roots are entwined with Singapore, my home.

58 replies on “Happy Birthday, My Country

  1. Happy 56th Birthday, Singapore. Are you one of the singers in that last video, Kally? It was truly lovely. Any chance you’ll get back to Singapore? A while back it sounded like that might be a possibility.

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  2. When, oh, when will WP install a LOVE button!? Even though I am a born and bred American from our heartland, I SOOOO deeply appreciated the Singapore Virtual Choir! It almost brought tears to my eyes to see so many affirming their love for their City. As I have had several deaf friends over the years, I especially appreciated the one girl I saw doing sign language! ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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