13 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 27 July

  1. We all make choices whether they are good or bad. Sometimes we make choices without thinking about the consequences that will follow. If someone makes a bad choice it doesn’t really make them a bad person; it doesn’t say who they really are. They are just who they are before the choice was made. If a good person makes a bad choice that does not make them a bad person; they are just who they are. Whether a good or bad choice is made, we are still human beings. We will be making choices until the day our stay here on this earth is finished. People make choices everyday and are judged by what they do or don’t do. It has always been this way, but until we learn to accept people for who they are regardless of the choices they make, we will always look at someone differently by the choices they make. Choices people make does not determine who they really are. People go through things in their life that causes them to make the choices that they make. Thank you for always posting Weekly Wisdom. Have a blessed day, and stay safe.

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