11 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 20 July

  1. True Kally This Is Why in
    Part After A Pandemic
    So Many Folks
    Have Left

    So Much


    Of Work
    And Returned
    More To Breathe
    So They Won’t Come

    To Their


    Last Now of
    Breath With
    A Quote of
    What A Waste

    Of Time While
    The Person Who
    Actually Spent Their
    Life Loving Freer Dies

    A Poor
    Human’s Rich SMile

    i Already Faced The
    Suffocation of Death
    Thrice in Life Saving

    me From
    This Eternal
    Death As Life…

    It’s Really Impossible
    To Understand Unless



    With Breath

    Of Life Shut-in
    In A Pandemic
    Provides A Suitable


    As Well Indeed
    For Those Who

    Become Born Again😊

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