Interviewing a Google Order Management Specialist

I usually meet people from all walks of life and I love to hear their stories, particularly their career choices. You see, I love to find people like myself who pursue their passions and succeeding in finding their happiness. At the same time, it gives me a peek into their world and see what it is like to be in their occupation.

Today, we are joined with Claudine Manongsong from the Philippines and find out what it is like working at an Order Management Specialist in a Fortune 500 company like Google.

Hello Claudine, kindly introduce yourself; where are you from?

I am 26 years old and currently a full-time employee in the customer service industry, where I have been working for more than four years.

If I were to describe myself in one word, I would say that I am competitive – competitive in such a way that I compete silently with myself. I always ensure that I meet deadlines and give my 101% in everything I do, especially at work. I love collecting arts and crafts and am currently practising calligraphy in my past time.

Who is an Order Management Specialist, and what does the job entail?

An Order Management Specialist’s responsibilities include monitoring and evaluating all order issues, sales processes, and preparation of order reports.

They handle communication management with the sales department and customers, attend status calls with the client, and drive the demand to ensure objectives are accomplished. They also work with service delivery partners to ensure order completion, order issues, and escalation requests are resolved correctly.

Order Management Agents are responsible for processing complex orders and handling inquiries from the client, which they must respond to accurately and efficiently. An OM agent must work independently and use deductive reasoning to make sound business decisions.

The Order Management team is expected to follow best practices and work cross-functionally with multiple teams to complete the above tasks and other daily job functions.

How do you become an Order Management Specialist? Any relevant degree you need to hold? Skillsets?

I am a licensed English teacher by profession but decided to venture into the BPO world as a career shift. Any degree is accepted as long as you are willing to be trained as the process is complex and the work scope is broad.

Two of the essential skills that an Order Manager must have are strong critical thinking and being an independent learner.

So why did you choose to work at Google?

Aside from the name itself, choosing Google has given me confidence that I am good at what I do. The application process is not easy, and you must have what it takes to get the position. 

What is it like working in Google? 

Working in Google is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. The compensation package and the benefits are tremendous. The facilities on site are also exceptional — and there’s free food!

Not only it’s free, but it’s a buffet for all employees. Google also offers complimentary shuttle services aside from the transportation allowance given to all its workers.

How was the interview process like in Google? 

The interview process is not that difficult if you have previous experience as an Order Manager. The HR team is very accommodating and helps you complete all pending requirements once you were given the job offer. Overall, it took me three weeks before I was hired.

How is the work environment in Google? What you enjoy the most? What do you think needs improvements?

The work environment is very healthy. One thing I consider when choosing a company is the management — and I must say, Google’s management team does the job well! The team leaders, managers, and support team are all out when you need them. They always make sure that no agent is left behind. You are treated not just as a member of a team but also as a family.

Please share with us any interesting stories or people you have encountered at work? 

I won’t forget my trainer when I was a novice. He was very supportive. He checked his trainees from time to time to confirm if everyone understood the lesson. The process was quite complex, rating from 1 to 10; I would rate it as 10. He didn’t proceed to the next topic unless we all grasped the gist of a particular discussion. He used approaches applicable to all types of learners.

What is the career prospect of this job? And what do you see yourself doing in five years down the path?

I am eyeing to be a trainer in Google, one to two years from now. I worked as a product trainer on my previous company before joining Google.

Do you find it tough to work in a male-dominated tech field? How do you mitigate that?

At times, I would say it’s challenging since males are known to be excellent in the technology field. However, studying and enrolling to free courses related to my job help me a lot. It’s up to the person to maximise all available resources to be better in what he does.

Do you think there are more or fewer opportunities for females in technology? Why so?

In reality, and based on studies, men are more advantageous in the technology field than women. However, females are proven to be career-driven individuals. When there’s a goal, we focus on achieving it and do not easily give up on things. We strive hard to be the best versions of ourselves.

How do you find satisfaction in your work?

I feel happy because this work gives me joy. Do you ever feel motivated and less toxic every time you report to work? That’s what I feel right now. Even if the workload is sometimes heavy, I don’t mind since I know deep inside that I am with the right employer. Google treats its employees fairly.

What does passion mean to you? Are you pursuing your passion aggressively? 

Passion is when you pour your heart out in what you do. I am a passionate person about things I love to do – may it be writing, reading, arts and such. I dedicate my 101% to these things because I simply feel happiness and contentment in them.

If you are not an Order Management Specialist, what do you think you could have become? 

I would be a licensed English teacher. That is my profession before deciding to make a career shift and ventured into the customer service industry. However, things change, and I never had any regret about my life decisions.

Any last words for someone who aspires to work in Google?

Never be afraid to make mistakes. Never feel discouraged by rejections. Always remember that rejections lead us to the path we truly deserve.

About Claudine Manongsong

I love writing and reading since I have been exposed to the world of literature. My absolute favourite is Greek Mythology. My favourite writers are Sidney Sheldon and Tom Clancy. It has become my daily routine to document everything that’s happened to me in a day. Aside from being a bookwork and a frustrated writer, I also do calligraphy and paintings. I have a bunch of collections of stuff related to arts. That’s where my money goes. Lol.

Got an interesting job? I’ll love to hear from you. Drop me an email @ today.

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    Enthusiasm, dedication and personal discipline ARE great equalizers; so anyone armed with these three, ought not fear ANY opportunity.

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