Love is a subjective emotion. While others talked about love between two person, I want to address love in a different way. To me, it is suffering if you cannot find love (even a wee bit) in what you do on a daily basis. I’m not sure if it is even worth the pay check if you are trading your precious time with happiness.

Below is an article I have shared in a collaborative with Patty Wolters and I hope to shred some light in this little thing we called love.

This is the perfect way to end my March with you. See you in April!


When it comes to career, the golden rule is to enjoy your work rather than just focusing only on your salary or rank. If you are not happy with what you are doing, you are more likely to end up getting depressed and discontented all your life. It may also cause you to keep changing jobs until you find the one you want when it’s already too late. 

So, if you are not happy with your current career, here are some reasons why you should pursue the one you truly love:

It Will Be More Fulfilling

When you get a job, it should not just be for the sake of the income. You need to be able to enjoy and be happy about it. Otherwise, you will just be stressed and burnt out. 

Moreover, your work should give you fulfilment on everything you do. It should motivate you to achieve your goals and empower you to do better at work. That way, you can also be more confident and prouder of yourself.

It Will Make You More Productive

In your career, you must always be productive if you want to excel and move up on the career ladder. It will entail motivation and inspiration to reach all your goals and objectives. To be productive at work, you must finish your tasks efficiently with high-quality results. By doing so, you will not only help the business achieve its targets, but it will also help you get the ideal work-life balance you aspire.

Also, being productive will enable you to find more opportunities to learn and improve on your current role. And if you are passionate and dedicated to do more for your company, you will appreciate how the business is helping you and the world.

It Will Help You Stay Healthy

Research has often pointed out that work-related stress can be very detrimental to one’s health. It can lead to health problems like weight gain, weak immune system. and heart problems. Work stress can also affect mental health immensely, causing anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders, if not treated and managed immediately. 

Work-related stress is inevitable, but if you enjoy the work you do, it will more likely be a healthy kind of stress. It may even improve your quality of life because your work does not overlap in your personal life.

It Will Help You Inspire Your Peers

It is not uncommon to see people not pursuing the careers they want because of fear. There is always a high risk involved if you are already in a stable job, and you suddenly want to shift to a completely unknown territory. Some also get discouraged in changing careers because of the opinions of their loved ones. 

However, if you take on the challenge and push yourself to do a job that you are passionate about, other people may take you as an inspiration to change careers and pursue their dream jobs. There will surely be some challenges and difficulties along the way, but if it is something you would love to do, you will embrace it wide open and do something you will be proud of.

It Helps Improve Your Relationships

Staying positive can spread easily to every aspect of our lives. It can nurture positive outlooks and good relationships with other people. However, when people experience too much stress due to work, they tend to have emotional meltdowns, causing damage to relationships and other adverse effects that can affect their lives. It could also discourage others from becoming close to them or even get intimidated to ask for their help. 

But if you love doing your job, you will be less stressed and more motivated. You will also have a more positive attitude towards your work, and your colleagues will find you more amicable.

It Will Help You Succeed

If you are enjoying the job you have, you will not feel like you are working. It will feel like a pair of shoes that fits perfectly on your feet. You will constantly feel inspired, motivated, and exhilarated. 

Every problem you will face will turn into challenges that you can overcome. You will be able to smile and push yourself to do your best to attain your goals, and there is also no need for anyone to watch you work to keep you going. These positive sentiments will transpire to all the things you do even outside work, giving you a good sense of control over your life which you may never have found in your old job.

It Will Make You Happy

Finally, if you love your job, you will be happier than ever before. If you are struggling and unhappy with the job that you are in, you are only burdening yourself for something that you could have let go. Having these emotions may also affect your overall well-being and even your entire life. So, do not let yourself get stuck in a job that will not give you happiness. 

Find available opportunities if there is a job that you want to pursue. When you find it, make sure to organise everything before you move to this new career. It may be unstable at first, but all your efforts will be worth it in the end. This could also be the career that will help you build the foundations for your later years.

Life is too short, so best enjoy it every step of the way. If you are unhappy about something, change it and do something about it. These quotes are applicable in all aspects of our lives, especially in our career and relationships. Build that career you truly wish to pursue because once you find it, everything will just perfectly fit together. 

When everything moves according to plan, you will see a great difference in your life. So, take a leap of faith and look for your passion. Changing careers may be scary at first, but it will surely make you fulfilled, content, and grateful.

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28 replies on “Love is Too Short for You Not to Do What You Love

  1. Always sharp thoughts from your brain!
    (However, I think you misnamed this; what you probably intended is “Life Is Too Short…”; What do you know, you make mistakes so you ARE human after all, not a beautiful Japanese robot experiment! 😊)

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  2. Great post to share! Our working lives need to fill up our other needs besides the financial end of things. We need a steady paycheck, but life needs to be a sweeter ride with happiness and blessings gained from career.

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  3. I love to read your bolg post word.
    Love gives you lot’s of positive enjoy.
    But your blog has very nice words.
    I love it.
    Be happy and stay healthy.

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