27 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 18 March

  1. My work isn’t based on the money either. If I was working solely for the money, I would be miserable. Ironically, my pay rate increased 2.5x since 2016 but I didn’t do it for the money. I am just grateful to have made it this far 😊 There is still potential for the pay rate to increase.

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      1. Even there nothing is 100 percent guaranteed as there would always be more to discover in every field . There is saying that if you have a strong why to do something ( a good purpose and fulfilling meaningful reason ) behind the goal , you can bear almost any how …


        1. That’s good to hear that both of you are happy with the switch. It’s important to evaluate your career choices every 5 years because your needs will change.


      1. It’s great to have a compass in life, that is something you believe in to navigate the waters. It’s great that you are religious. However, I am agnostic. I could argue your statement but I’m not going to. My husband is catholic and we have debates about religion all the time lol


        1. I am not religious but spiritual. I think religions that were man-made but inspired by infinite divine intelligence are only ways to spirituality but not an ultimate truth and awareness …
          They can point you and guide you but they may not be the answer to all questions though …

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          1. That’s interesting because I consider myself to be more of a spiritual person than a religious one. I believe that neither side of the spectrum holds all of the answers, but if I were to lean towards one side, it would be spirituality 😊


          2. Yes, religions themselves evolved since thousands of years and new spiritual philosophies are being born . In some aspects , these organized religions were made as guidelines and regulations for primitive societies but our divine source or spirit being the only absolute reality is and remains constant , eternal , timeless , formless, and indescribable …and so on …

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          3. Really,

            So Christianity (read as “Catholicism”), although both historically and Biblically provable, to all with an open mind and heart), is in your opinion a farce? How very sad this is. God Be with You, Dear friend, what’s it like to know more, and to know better that God?

            God Bless you,

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  2. Even though the Mr. Cruise is an idiot Scientologist which is not scientific at all (remember, it is based on Ron Hubbard’s absurd science fiction), “Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.” 😂

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