One of the advantages of private jets is that they can also visit places that are inaccessible to the larger commercial airliners. This is due to them being able to land without the need for an airport and a very long runway. For travellers, this really is a bonus as it opens-up the possibilities of new places and can have them land on patches of runway closer to their destinations. To put us in a potential holiday mood, this article will look at both obscure and familiar places in the world that we hope one day to visit, or perhaps re-visit. Why not check them out with a company such as Jettly, to see if they can take you there either now or in the future?


Consistently having been voted the weirdest capital in the world, Astana in Kazakhstan must be worthy of further exploration. It was known as Astana between 1998 and 2019. Before this, it was called Akmola. Now, more importantly, and as from March 2019, it has been re-named Nur-Sultan and is the capital city of Kazakhstan. It has been so-called in honour of its departing president, Nursultan Nazarbayev. It seems that it has been voted as “the world’s weirdest capital city”, as CNN refer to it, and also as “the space station in the steppes”, as the Guardian refer to it, because of former President Nazarbayev moving the capital of his country to a hardly known town which is in the middle of barren grassland. So, perhaps not much to see but somewhere to say that you have been.


Housing one of the world’s most iconic towers and considered the capital of romance, Paris must feature on the top of any travel list. The tower is a photographer’s dream spectacle to picture. It was completed on 31 March 1889, for those interested in Victorian architecture. It was the tallest man-made structure in the world for 41 years until New York’s Chrysler Building appeared in New York in 1930. So, that is another place to visit, if you like tall structures. Not to digress from the tower too far, if your partner does not leave you breathless, then there are 674 steps just to climb up to the 2nd Floor to achieve the same. There are 1665 steps in total from the esplanade to the very top of the Eiffel tower, but perhaps wisely the stairway from the 2nd floor to the tower’s very top is not open to the public. So, in addition to photographing the Eiffel Tower itself from a distance, backing Paris’s skyline, you can also capture many magnificent views from the tower’s vantage points, providing that you do not intend to do it from a position higher than the tower’s 2nd Floor.

Disney World

For a fun holiday, we welcome, when Covid-19 restrictions permit it, the re-opening of theme parks to greater numbers. A version of Mickey Mouse, the cartoon character created in 1928 at Walt Disney Animation Studios, is always highly visible. Mickey can be described as an anthropomorphic mouse due to him displaying human traits and emotions despite being a non-human entity. Serving as Disney’s mascot, he will typically be seen wearing red shorts, large yellow shoes, and his customary white gloves. He will keep the children entertained for hours, as will the many world-famous rides.

So, why not check to see just which unusual or familiar places private jet companies can fly you to?

In addition, if you click the attached article link it will provide you with a list of fascinating names that have been attributed to places. Names that may or may not encourage you to visit them.

27 replies on “3 Places in the World You Can Visit by Private Jet

  1. Merci pour Paris, la Provence est aussi une région privilégiée (hors pandémie). On peut profiter de belles plages, ou de la montagne.
    Pour les mois qui viennent cela ne sera pas possible. Voire impossible !

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  2. Hi, Kally.
    Anita and I visited Florida’s Disney World and it has always been fantastic, even as older adults. We visited California’s DisneyLand way back in the early 1990s and we were not impressed. However, in 2019 we were in Anaheim to see some friends and spent the New Year holiday there. It was AMAZING now! So different from 25 years ago!! Either Disney park will astound you, and of course it is even better with children in tow! Have fun!! 😉

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    1. The only Disneyland I’ve been to is the one in Hong Kong which is nearer to me since it is in South East Asia. We were suppose to go to the Disneyland in Shanghai last year before the pandemic stuck us indoor. So it has been postpone indefinitely for now until we can safely travel especially with my little one.


        1. Thank you so much for your and Mrs wonderful generosity. It will be a pleasure for us to visit Kentucky. I do think Kentucky have lots to offer like the Cumberland Falls and the open fields. My little one will be delighted with horses!!

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  3. Awesome;
    Please sign me and the Mrs. up for #’s one and two. (YOU HAVE the plane right)?

    Been to #3, three times Twice before living in Florida, and once while living in Florida. Would LOVE to take the Great grandkids.

    God Be with us, (safe journeys)

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  4. Great list, Kally, and I’m sure you had so much fun compiling it…and daydreaming!

    Astana, I had heard of it before, but I had no idea of the all the details. Major OMG! factor. Leave it to the Soviets to endow a seriously warped sense of aesthetics as part of their “legacy.”

    Paris…not much more to say, because, well, it’s Paris. On everyone’s “bucket list” for a reason.

    Now we get to Disney. Last visited as a child, and I figured it’d stay there. Until I learned half the people in the office have visited as adults. One colleague went there for his honeymoon, and another made the trip with her boyfriend. In other words, so much for adults too, including fine dining, fine hotels and some majorly serious shopping. That is, as long as Chapek (Disney’s CEO) and crew don’t go too crazy with the cost cutting.

    Still, definitely on the wish list as soon as masks are no longer are a thing and travel restrictions lift.

    Thanks for giving me my own daydreams, Kally!

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