The international borders are still closed so our families couldn’t travel over to celebrate Christmas with us this year. However, celebrations must still go on since we have plenty of things to be thankful. In the spirit of Christmas, here are 12 reasons to celebrate this season with a cheer:

  1. COVID-19 Vaccine. The UK is the first Western country to allow mass inoculations with the COVID-19 vaccine – a big leap for mankind towards hope.
  2. Short-term but positive impacts on the environment during lockdowns. Many popular natural places like reefs, beaches, and forests are given the time to breathe and recover due to less tourism this year. With the considerably reduced planned travels, a direct impact on energy use and greenhouse gas was evident and thus, a huge decline in air and water pollution was observed.
  3. Drive-in movie theatres made a comeback. This outdoor experience came back in many countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and America. Something that I always wish to experience as this is how my parents dated during their time.
  4. Yummy home-made desserts. Restaurants and bakeries all around the world shared their secret recipes so we could easily make them at home.
  5. Old hobbies are revived. Many folks rediscovered their old hobbies like sewing, embroidery, reading, gardening, and baking. Likewise, board games and puzzles became popular again for home recreation.
  6. Community spirit is raised to the next level. Everywhere in the world, neighbours started to care more for each other. Some even offered to purchase groceries for elders and those who are in the high-risk groups to lessen their risk of exposure.
  7. Global teamwork across the industries. Companies came together to produce masks, ventilators, and other medical equipment necessary to meet the demands of the hospitals.
  8. Communication became more accessible to everyone. People from all ages learned how to use different platforms such as Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime to communicate with others. Communication through the internet has become vital and more precious to many since they are separated by borders and distance from their loved ones and families.
  9. Correct handwashing is given high importance. As young as two years old, people started to learn (or re-learn) to wash their hands properly and to maintain proper hygiene. Kids finally stopped stuffing stray boogie into their mouths!
  10. Greater appreciation and respect for our educators. Parents around the world are driven to the brinks of insanity when they are kept indoors with their kids during the lockdown. This year is the best time to thank our teachers, parents, and guardians for their patience and perseverance. Likewise, this pandemic also made a greater emphasis on the importance of family bonding and work-life balance.
  11. Spotlight on local companies. We started to become more aware of how our purchasing ways affect our local businesses. Local businesses have innovated to become viable to survive during the lockdown which includes offering takeouts and deliveries for F&B, setting up web stores, and providing virtual tours of physical tourist attractions.
  12. Unending support and gratitude to our frontliners. Nurses, doctors, police officers, emergency response teams, and those other frontliners that are not mentioned here should always be celebrated as the real heroes for all their sacrifices to keep us safe and protected during this pandemic.

“Christmas gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us.” – David Cameron

And as we celebrate this season, we must reflect about this year and be thankful that we are surviving. Besides showing gratitude and appreciation, we must always remember that there will always be someone less fortunate than us, someone without warmth, someone without shelter, someone without a full tummy, and someone without their loved ones. So always be kind and generous to every people you meet!

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, you totally deserved it.

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