Moving to a new home is a major step in life. However, moving from one city to another throws a whole other layer of complexity into the situation. But, if you’ve prepared correctly, moving from one place to another, from a beach house in Florida to one of these san jose apartments, for example, doesn’t have to be a stressful or overwhelming ordeal.

To help make this the situation for you, here are three ways to prepare for relocation to a new city. 

Figure Out Your Housing Situation

As you’re preparing to move, the very first thing that you’re going to need to figure out is your housing situation.

If you own your home where you’re currently living, you’ll likely want to sell that property as fast as you can. Then, after you’ve sold that house, recommends that you get in touch with a real estate agent in the city you’ll be moving to to help facilitate moving into your new home. By working with a real estate agent, not only will you get all the benefits of having someone to help you with all the legal and administrative details of moving into a new place, but you’ll also have their expertise and knowledge of that specific area to help you in finding the right place to start your new life.  

Consider Downsizing

Depending on how long it will take you to move and how much stuff you have in your current home, you may want to consider downsizing before you start packing up for your move. 

According to Anna Green, a contributor to, downsizing by selling, donating, or trashing the things that you don’t need anymore can help to make your move easier to accomplish as well as less expensive. And, since you’ll be starting a new chapter of your life in a brand new city, you might want to make some room for some fresh items in your new place as well.
Once you have got rid of your excess clutter and are ready to go, think about hiring a professional moving service, such as, who can relocate all of your belongings for you. This can really help to remove some of the stress out of the moving process with you having peace of mind that they will move all of your goods safely and securely.

Remember That Adjusting Takes Time

Although you might be excited about the prospect of starting a new job, living in a new place, and meeting new people, it’s also completely normal to be a little terrified of the situation as well. Keep in mind, however, that adjusting to everything may take some time.

As a good rule of thumb, Abby Stone, a contributor to Apartment Therapy, recommends that you give yourself about a year to get used to your new life in this new place. So before you decide that this was the best choice or the worst mistake of your life, make sure you give yourself time to acclimate and really see what life has in store for you there. 

If you’re going to be moving to a new city soon, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you prepare yourself for this big change.

35 replies on “3 Ways To Prepare For Relocating To A New City

  1. Great post Kally. Interesting time to move to NYC during this time. 2 of my girls have lived there and have loved it but it’s been a tough year for the one still there. Both were in Manhattan. With so much closed, tight quarters, elevators etc and now the snow that just hit. My daughter is lucky to have a backyard and will have her first white xmas which is beautiful but it’s been tough like it has for so many. Leases are tough etc and good to use someone,. YES Kally if you must move at the moment. Hope your having a great holiday so far…. visit when you get time. ❤️

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    1. Hey Cindy. Thank you for sharing stories of your daughters. I think it’s a difficult time for anyone to move especially if they are moving to a place without friends or family. Cheers and take care.

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  2. Does this mean that you have decided to move back to Singapore? If so, have as stress-free a move as possible. Moving is a hassle whether it’s cross-town, cross country, orto a new country. I’ve moved more than 20 times in my life.

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  3. Great POST Kally, and a timely topic.

    Having “been there and done THAT” (literally) about a dozen times.

    Investigate and research. Actually speak to some of the employees you’ll be working with. Ask candid questions; areas to avoid; schools (and churches if relevant); rent prices, relators and so on. Make a list of questions before calling.

    And PRAY very much,
    God Be with you,

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  4. Sound advice, Kally!

    I especially like your last point, about adjustment taking time. Important to remember this, as (inevitably) there are moments of panic in the new situation, wherein we freak out. “OMG, what have I done?” 99% of the time, we’ll be fine. And the other 1%? Reconfigure; nothing’s permanent.

    One more difficulty, though, is when the new location is considerably more expensive than was the old place. Sure there’s ample opportunity too, but when we suddenly find ourselves having to earn twice as much to live half as well, that’s another challenge. That was my situation, as my first job after college was in New York.

    Of course, what is life, if not a series of challenges that, when bested, increase our confidence forever?

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  5. relocating doesn’t always mean selling your home it can often be a nice investment and secondary income to rent it, out. With the help of a good property manager depending on the location, and the state of your current home.

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