25 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 26 May

  1. Well said Kally! ✨ Reported to the new office today, it’s a virtual joining, fantastic experience, I’ve completed my formalities. I’m just waiting for an update from my team who suppose to teach me about my activity and goals and KRA to upload in the portal ☺️ Hope your day is wonderful ✨🤗

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      1. Yes Kally, I will 😊 my assets delivery are delayed due to lockdown, so right now everything now is only in mobile, getting ready to walk in to office if lockdown ends this Sunday ☺️ let’s hope 😉👍 Thanks for your wishes Kally 🤗✨💐

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          1. No worries 😊 Everything is perfect, I’m waiting to download the work from the last person that handled my work so far, after I get my assets😉👍 it’s going to be fun ✨

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