Dedicated to All Our Frontline Heroes Everywhere during this difficult Covid-19 pandemic,

Without you taking care of us, we will be left without medical care.

Without you delivering across the country, we may never get our fresh food into our supermarkets, surgical masks into hospitals and medication into our pharmacies.

Without you manning the supermarket checkout counters and restocking the shelves, we may not have anything to purchase.

Without you driving us to our destination, we may never get to where we are needed the most.

Without you opening your food establishment, we may never get to drink barista brew coffees and artisan teas.

Without you delivering food to our doorstop, we may never get to eat our favourite food.

Without you driving a private car, I may find difficulty getting to see a doctor in the quickest time.

With you providing all the essential services, we may not have electricity, telecommunication, water, postal and many more basic things that we often take for granted in our daily lives.

Thank you for staying out and risking your health so that many others like us can stay at home.

*PS. A big shout out to our teachers and principals too!

A big thank you.

34 replies on “Happy Labour Day 2020

  1. Indeed!
    These men and women on the front lines of covid-19 pandemic truly deserve every bit appreciation and applause for not only endangering their own lives but also giving life to those in need.

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  2. Our solemn salute to every noble soul who is providing essential services to keep us happy and safe at home at the cost of their painstaking efforts! A big thanks to these warriors(I will call them not less than that 👍🤗🤣🙏

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  3. This was amazing read. We most often forget about the real heroes all too easily.
    Labour Day 2020 needs a bigger celebration than all the ones before especially!!🤗

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      1. Our location is completely safe Until now. But my city has become one of a hotspot. Lockdown and work at home. All is well ✨😉👍 Thanks Kally. Hope you are safe too🤗


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