23 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 3 March

    1. Totally agree! I’m stuck in Kuala Lumpur as usual. Very much wish I could travel but with the little one, I couldn’t put her at risk during this covid period. How are you doing? Still traveling a lot?

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      1. You’re right. It’s better to sit tight for a while. And see how it turns out. I hope there is not too much paranoia in KL? Or in Singapore?
        No travel since end of year in Yucatan. We probably will go to Colombia at easter. Already booked our tickets to Paris this summer. (Yeah!)
        Have a lovely week-end, Peng Yu.

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        1. The panic is in Singapore and I read from the news that all masks and sanitisers are sold out. There was even crazy mass buy out in supermarkets.

          KL is still very chill about the covid so I’m glad we are in KL. I can’t wait for this period to blow over. I was really looking forward in planning a trip to China, maybe Shanghai to visit friends and of course, bring the little one to Disneyland.

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