17 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 27 February

  1. Thanks Kally, another “Right On” life lesson.

    I know of two companies , one 16 stores and about $300m, and the other about 40 stores and hundreds of $millions fail. The first because senior management forgot this truism; the second because I’m not sure they even recognized it.

    Life is all about people, and any and every people direct business that fails to reckoning the critical importance; on a par with their reputation IS taking care of their employees, is doomed to fail.

    It seems to me success is nearly impossible if one’s associates are not FULLY committed to the companies success; and this kind of relationship requires absolutely that the employees be of a high priority.

    Thanks and God Bless my friend

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    1. Thank you for the insights, Patrick. I always love that you shared so much wisdom and your experiences with us. It is true that life is all about people and especially about yourself. Business is made up of people serving people. It is also easy to lose sight of what’s important than just money.

      Stay safe and blessed.


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