13 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 30 January

  1. This lovely message reminds me of ripples — that what we choose to do each day sends ripples in every directions — some of which we may never even know about. Are we kind/patient with a bus driver who’s having a bad day? Do we slow down to enjoy a flower or butterfly or bird we encounter while we are rushing from point A to point B? It is obvious when human beings are very young how much of a “monkey see, monkey do” world we live in because we see examples on a daily basis of little children imitating their older siblings’ behavior. But I think we continue to be influenced — sometimes unconsciously — by the behavior of others for our entire lives. Thank you for this simple yet profound reminder!

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  2. It seems possible to me, that one’s success as a manager; a leader can accurately be measured by the success’s of their associates. A TEAM, is after all a team.

    Thanks Kally, another great insight shared.

    God Bless you,


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