23 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 28 January

  1. A philosophy I can really get behind.
    Victimology has spread like a virus over the last few decades. So many people get their sense of achievement by having reasons why they CAN”T do something. They collect them like the trinkets I used to find in packets of cereal, and line them up in a contest to prove who is the biggest victim of all.

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    1. Oh I totally agree on you. I have met so many folks just hell bend on being negative that I always have to choose to walk away. The other option would have been to hit their head with a frying pan!

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  2. Through both joy and pain , we transcend , grow and gain …
    Going  up and down through   life
    Like a U-turn and U-gain
    We shall in God remain …
    Sure , The sun  would shine brightly after the rain …
    We evolve in life moving within a  train…
    God help us stay strong and sane ,
    Our spirits  transfer in a cosmic  domain ,
    In trials and errors ,
    we fall and rise  but nothing goes in  vain ,
    With God , we are eternally loved ,
    My spirit keeps sending peace and
    awareness we shall retain ,
    Forgive our sins , O , God  , and  countless  blessings for us your mercy would contain …
    God help us choose the best path or lane …
    You may close a door for us ,
    But then relieve us and guidance WE SHALL regain ,
    We shall always thrive and dive into heaven when  God would sustain …

    Thank you …God bless our world …

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  3. Right on!

    By intent; “Life is the God-Test”

    Jesus Suffered, so ought to expect to have to suffer too.

    BUT don’t waste your suffering;OFFER IT UP, and gain the benefits of God’s grace for doing so.
    Thank Kally, continued Blessings,

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  4. I loved this and am a firm believer in this! Life wasn’t meant to be easy, it will get difficult and we should never play the victim. I have always said, whatever I might be going through may be hard, but someone else is always going through something worse. I live my life by this thought process!

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