24 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 13 August


    β—‡ Diamond Hard

    β™‘ 1. No Reliance on AnyOne Else; that’s an UnFair Burden to Place on AnyOne
    β™‘ 2. Total Self Reliance; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Gaia Takes Care of The Rest
    β™‘ 3. Support and Love YourSelf; the Perceived Negligent Others WILL!!! Follow



    β—‡ One of the most Shameful Stigmas is that Aimed at Folk with MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) that Manifest in Many Ways; so Shame on You who take a Decision to Refuse to Understand that MMHI is as Real An Ailment as Any Physical or Physiological Sickness…and a Big Shout Out to ALL of You Who Do Understand and Support ALL of Us who Experience Psychological Sickness; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I AM Proud of You ALL yet Ashamed of Those that are Stigmatising Us



    β—‡ Diamond Hard

    I accept your point of view
    Yet I disagree with you
    Agree-To-Disagree is true


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