37 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 1 August

  1. Yes !
    Everybody has the right to be proud of what he is
    Nobody has the right to forbid anybody to be proud of what he is
    Just go ahead !
    But keep in mind a litte bit of nice moments for nostalgy and romantic which will enlight your life
    Kind regards

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  2. You tell them I am a young Queen in the Throne Rooms of the Kings and Queens who have come before me and I stand before them. They told me; I am Unique, Beautiful. They awarded me words of Honour, Dignity with the Grace of Respect.
    Clothed me with the dust of Diamonds that come past the stars in heaven in the vacuum of Time and Space.
    You tell them My Father would be Proud of Me, He stands with His Daughter that is what you would tell them. This is who I am.
    I going to repost your wisdom and my comments on my post this morning for all to see.
    With all respect accorded a to a Young Queen.

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  3. A very cool and clever twist on the old saying “Who does she think she is?” So much more eloquent that Popeye’s ” I yam what I yam.” Indeed you are who you are and we like that.

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  4. There is nothing quite like coming to the realization and appreciating the person we really are without an ounce of worry with thoughts of what others may think of us. I like this.

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