6 Jobs For People Who Love Doing Crafts

When you think about crafts, many people see it as a hobby rather than a lucrative business. But, for some, arts and crafts is a huge industry and many creative minds are trying their best to get their dream job that would let them do crafts they love.

Aside from arts and crafts stores, there are other places hiring creative and crafty individuals. You will actually be surprised how well these jobs pay.

To help you find your dream job in the arts and crafts industry, here is a list of possible jobs you can apply for:


3-D Model Maker

As the name implies, the job involves creating 3-D models of a product. Model makers are often sought by architecture firms because 3-D models can show their clientele a scale model of their work. It is also a good way to see if a design needs to be improved or not.

Model makers must have a degree in 3-D animation or motion arts and must be familiar with programs like CAD.


Event Coordinator

Events coordinators are the ones who make sure the event goes as planned. They will tackle everything: from the theme, food to the materials needed in the event. A lot of the time, they are required to react on the job and be creative with their hands.

Events coordinator needs to have a college degree on public relations, marketing or hospitality. But, those with work experience in events can also do well in the job.



Hair styling is also a great way to show art because hair stylists must be able to do elegant hairdos to match any event.

One does not need to have a special degree to be a hair stylist, but there are special classes offered for hair stylists to learn new techniques.


Floral Designer

If you have an eye for details and love working with flowers, being a floral designer may be your calling. A floral designer handles special arrangements for events or special occasions. Floral designers can open their own store or be affiliated with an event planning group.

What’s great with this job is that you do not need a college degree for it. You just need a great eye for detail and colour and work experience to flourish in this job.



Although some may say welding is not a job for a creative mind, welders need great attention to detail to fuse parts together and make it flawless. They must also be familiar with high-intensity equipment and move fast as the metal is shaped to the intended design.

If you are interested to work as a welder, you must get a certification or degree related to welding.



Photographers are hired for various industries, but those who have a creative eye will find commercial or advertising work interesting. Interested applicants must preferably have a photography degree or certification. They also start with internships and work their way up.

It is not difficult to find your dream job in the arts and crafts industry if you know where to look. With our short list, I hope I am able to give you a push you need to kickstart your dream in working on something you love.

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16 Comments Add yours

  1. macalder02 says:

    For traditional craftsmen, this is a great contribution. For our Andean countries, they live exclusively from tourism and have developed into very powerful companies such as Peru, which represents a source of income for the country. Your exhibition is interesting.


  2. gadgetrush says:

    Photographer.. hopefully, that’s my next project actually..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kally says:

      Oooo that’s nice. Have you read my photographers interviews?


  3. purpleslob says:

    I never thought of a welder as an arts and craft related job. But it makes sense.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kally says:

      Funny isn’t it? But yeah it does make sense.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. equipsblog says:

    To be a professional hairstyler (as opposed to doing it for your friends), you need to be licensed (by the state here in the US) which involves classes and passing both a written and practical test. Love the creative list you have pulled together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kally says:

      Really? I didn’t know you need to be licensed to be a hairstylist. Wow! Over in Asia, you don’t need qualification to start. Many start first to earn some money before going to hairstyling courses.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Kally my friend,

    With this POST you touched a nerve to my heart.

    I love all that is creative; but you overlooked your own; WRITING too is a creative avenue

    God Bless,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kally says:

      Awww… that’s so true, Patrick! I love how you are always the sensible one between the two of us. Lol.


  6. I wish I had a craft that I could turn into a career.


  7. The best part of being creative is one fact. Where else can you have others enjoy and love what you love to do and enjoy doing?


  8. Paola says:

    Nice post. And, as I love painting, maybe in the future … 😉


  9. msw blog says:

    Landscaper foe the creative types who love the outdoors


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