Take Valentine’s Day a good reason to love someone super important – I’m talking about YOU!

You that have been slaving over the keyboard.
You that put in extra hours at work when nobody could (or would).
You that notice that mistake but silently corrected it so that your colleague won’t be blamed.
You that brings smiles to your coworkers’ face when you greet them in the morning.
You that take on that enormous challenge all by yourself when nobody volunteers for the task.
You that chip in to help to clear that pile of paperwork when your own tasks are completed.
You help to cover the duties of your colleague when she goes on maternity leave.
You that brought in fresh coffee for your boss when you see him stressing over this month’s target.
You that lost sleep over a major presentation.
You that sweat over a major deal signing with a big client.

Yes, that important person is YOU.

Here are some of my favourite ways to pamper myself when I worked too hard and I’m sharing them with you!


#1 Buy something silly

Hate seeing those bouquets of roses arriving into the office and none for you? Don’t fret, you can buy yourself flowers too! Or get yourself a cute little teddy bear. Or a lovely heart-shaped balloon. Buy something silly and you’ll see a whole difference to your day.


#2 Take a looooooooong shower / bath

This is the best! I don’t spend a lot of time in the shower when my little kid is outside banging the door away. She thinks I might be spirited away to some Harry Potter World if I stayed in there too long.


#3 Get off work one hour early

You totally deserve it! Don’t feel guilty about it. Of course, check with your boss first. Getting off one hour early makes a huge difference: avoiding the traffic commute, one extra hour to yourself, getting the envy looks of your coworkers.


#4 Treat yourself to one extravagant meal

This is my favourite thing to do. When I get overwhelmed or stressed, I dig in. A good meal will leave you satisfied and smiling. Treat yourself to somewhere new that you always been dying to try. Doll yourself up and go paint the town red. If you don’t want to mingle around the couples who are having Valentine’s meal, do it a day earlier or later.


#5 Get Touched

I love a good cuddle. Fortunately, I have 3 cats to cuddle me up when I need a loving break from freelance work. Feel special today by cuddling up with your pet or volunteer at the local animal shelter if you don’t have one. Sometimes I do visit my local animal shelter to give them (and myself) some much-needed love. When you see the adoration in their eyes, your stress will just melt away.


#6 Something Simple

You don’t have to do anything or go your way out to celebrate Valentine’s Day with yourself. Something simple as a good bowl of Carbonara and your favourite pint of ice cream, snuggled up on the couch in front of your Netflix will do the trick!

Share with me on how you plan to pamper yourself on Valentine’s Day.


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20 replies on “Love Someone Important

  1. Wow, nice article. We tend to forget ourselves because of how busy we are with our daily works. And this article shows us the way to love ourselves more. Because self love is very important. Self love is priority. Thank you so much for sharing!


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