With all the Christmas decorations packed away and 2019 in full swing, it’s time to give your home a new lease of life with some easy home improvements. While the long January nights have us tucked up warm inside, you can make the most of the last few breaths of winter before the happy return of the summer months. You can start planning what your garden will look like at social occasions, whether you’re wanting to finally get a company in to build your pool or invest in some new garden furniture!

By simply switching up your interior you can chase away those post-holiday blues and feel a little more like your self again even if the jeans are still a little tight.

Detox your space

It’s always a good idea to start as you mean to go on even if it inevitably falls through at some point, so what better way to clear your mind for the new year than a good tidy up. Be sure to keep a lookout for signs of unwanted pests whilst you are clearing away mess and clutter. Professional exterminators in TX or similar in your area can inspect and treat your home quickly and easily if you spot anything that shouldn’t be there!

By investing in just a desk organiser and a few separators for inside the drawer you can make a big difference to how you feel about your space. And when the weather is being just as miserable as your post-Christmas bank account why not empty out your wardrobe and sort through the clothes, shoes and socks lying around in there.

By collating together all your separate items you can create a nice and easy cupboard to negotiate in the mornings when creating an outfit is the equivalence of creating a computer algorithm out of a hoover.

Minimalism is not just for millennials

It’s no secret that minimalism is in and has been since the Nordic deity, that is IKEA, hit the UK in the late 80s. But its not always easy to achieve without making leaving your home feeling a little cold and empty. Simply start by switching up the colour scheme of the room to create a cleaner and calmer atmosphere.

Choose blue hues and greys for a chic and sophisticated look and bring in accents of navy for an added dimension. Another key feature is to turn your storage into décor, not only giving you more space for the more important stuff but also creating that whimsical Swedish setting.

You can do this by using rustic wooden boxes and stacking them to create a room feature or creating a work of art out of the books you own on a light pine bookshelf in the living room.

The greener the better

A trend that is certainly not in the category of crocs and double denim is the plant themed décor that is filling showrooms and Pinterest boards everywhere. Whether you hang some ivy from the shelf or add cactus to your window sill, nothing spruces up a room more than a touch of horticulture. This trend is also perfect if you’re looking to sell your home and want to make it a little more appealing for a buyer.

With many young people looking for properties that are instagrammable, from bank balance friendly homes available for shared ownership in Essex to skyline city apartments in London, it can often be a big a deciding factor for those looking for their first home. Plants bring vitality to any space and make your space feel fresh yet lived in so decorate with these natural accessories and feel the difference in your home.

Whether you’re taking on a big project this year or you are simply wanting to retouch, changing your home around always helps shake off any tension or lingering negativity that you may have carried over into the next year. But with a few delicate differences you can start off the year the right way and bring your home into 2019 with a brand-new fresh feel.

21 replies on “New Year New Home Improvements

  1. It really doesn’t take much, even just moving the furniture around or finding a new use for another item in another room. I try to shop my home first before looking in stores. I have used small wooden boxes from my pantry to corral books in my office, planters to hold utensils on my kitchen counter and wire shelving from the basement for plants.


  2. Kally, your thoughtfulness and concerns for others is a light in the darkness that at times threatens to swallow us. And being Irish, I certainly applaud “poring on the green”

    God Bless you and thanks,


  3. That is certainly great advice! I am planning on some changes, including getting rid of some clutter but at the same time keeping my country cottage look. January is always a good time to start thinking of changes, big or small. Keep it up with decorating ideas! Thanks!

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  5. With the new year blues the vest thing definitely is yo declatter. Yes the tidy new space gives clarity. Also a bit of new deco accessories, change the accessories colour theme or Interior style or paint. New positive and fresh year ahead….:D

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