20 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 20 September

  1. Love this quote Kally. So true, being able to deal with problems and learn strategies for coping makes us stronger and therefore happier.
    It reminds me of an earlier post where I blogged about Happiness. You can read about it here. coolncreative.wordpress.com/2018/07/23/happiness/

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  2. Loved this one Kally!

    How boring life would be without challenges and problems.

    We may or may not recall much later in life when we excelled at a task; BUT most assuredly we ALL remember the times we OVERCAME obstacles , and the more difficult that obstacle was the more it is pressed into our memory.

    It’s NEVER the falling or even the failing that is significant; its the failing to get back up and attack it again and again until we succeed.

    We can only be “all that we CAN be” when we eagerly engage our failures.

    God Bless my fiend for another lesson well taught,

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    1. Precisely, Patrick! I prefer to think of life as one big epic adventure. What story can I tell to my grandchildren if it is not ups and down? You are very much positive like I am and I love that about you.


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