20 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 31 July

          1. True. I just want happiness for her. Whatever she wants to be and whoever she wants to be with. Life is wayyyy to short to grapple with sadness and disappointment but that is what makes us grow too.

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          2. Big hugs, Patty! Sometimes, I wish you are my neighbor so I can pop by for a cup of tea and chat with you. You have so much positive energy and I love it and you!!

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          3. Ah yes, I wish that too! But I am human too, so sometimes a bit cranky haha
            Well, now it’s diner time over here 😉 Talk to you soon again, sweetie! XxX

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  1. The surest way “to be successful” IS to follow your dreams;

    Success ought not be measured by accumulated wealth; rather by the contributions we make to our self esteem, our families and society in general. …. When if we fail to take care of ourselves first; everyone and everything else is negatively affected, and we may have dishonored the very reason God made us exactly as we are.

    “To THY OWN SELF be true” Shakespeare
    When we are happy, those around us find life so much more enjoyable; THAT friend is charity!


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    1. So very true. One has to find oneself to understand that you don’t need materialistic things to be happy. True happiness comes from inside.


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