Being a freelancer has its perks and one of it is the freedom to choose the projects and clients you want. However, the downside is that as a freelancer, you don’t have a stable weekly or monthly income to depend on.

Some months are pretty dry up while there are months I’m super booked up even on weekends (and I hate working on weekends because that’s eating into my family time).

So importantly, as a freelancer, you need to learn to take advantage of your unique situation to try to save as much money as possible to tide you over dry months.

Here are some of my personal tips to save as a freelancer:

Travel During Off-Peak Hours

Because it is less crowded and cheaper too. Usually, off-peak, public transportation can cost 50% less than the usual rates. A big plus that you don’t have to squeeze into a sardine-packed train with a mixture of body odours around you. Sniff sniff!


Shop During The Weekdays

The retail staff are usually much more cheerful when they are not overwhelmed by the weekend crowds. If you shop at quaint little local shops, you might even be allowed to bargain down your price or have a freebie thrown in with your purchases. I usually get my total round down to the nearest dollar just because the owner wants to close a deal on a slow weekday.

Lunch During Weekdays

No queue during lunch hour unless the food place is near an office building. The major plus is the executive lunches that are bundled to attract the office lunch crowd. Usually at a low rate with a full set of appetizer, main meal, a drink and even a dessert!

Work In The Library

If you can’t work at home because the bed is too much of a temptation, try going to a library. Firstly, it is quiet. Secondly, the resources are within reach. Best of all, you don’t have to order another cup of coffee just because that service staff over the counter has been staring down at you for the past hour.


Shop Your Clothes Online

With more time on your hands, you can now shop online for your clothes without leaving the comfort of your home. Cutting away the cost of traditional brick and mortar, you only need to pay for shipping. The best part is that you’ll be at home waiting for the parcel to arrive!

Only The Basics

Talking about clothes, you don’t need as much work clothes since you work from home most of the time plus who is going to meet you on a weekday when all your friends are working. Keep your clothes to the minimal basics and dress it up with accessories to create a different look instead. Invest in a different type of pyjamas instead, you’ll be lounging in that with your laptop most of the time at home anyways.

Watch A Movie On Weekdays

Again the weekday deals are too good to miss out. Usually, the price of weekday movie ticket is way cheaper than a weekend ticket. Even as a walk-in, you’ll have a choice of seats without needing to book online in advance. Save your booking fee!

No matter what, it is important to have emergency funds in your bank for those unexpected rainy days. As a freelancer, you’ll never know when the next job is going to come.

Are you a freelancer too? Share with us how you save money in the comments below so we can all save at the same time.

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46 replies on “How To Save When You Are A Freelancer?

    1. I haven’t tried getting glasses online, maybe I should try, mine is getting pretty old. I had bought food, clothes, shoes online. Save the time and bus fare to go out to buy those stuff.

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        1. Good luck to the leap! I prefer brick and mortar stores as well but living in an overpopulated city, I prefer to do my shopping at the comfort of my own bed rather than to squeeze through the crowd.

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  1. I stayed home and babysat which meant for nine summers and seven full years I had to be careful with my budget.
    I “bartered” with hairdressers, handymen and other business people. I would clean to earn a fixed product, watch children at night to earn a haircut for me or my 3 kids. I would take professional time to create a calendar to show parents. My kids got free swim lessons, paid jazz or ballet lessons, etc. Just find something you are good at, to exchange for work. I also painted pictures since I do children’s names and historical homes pen and ink with watercolors. . . Smiles yo you, Kally for a fine post! 💐

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I was hoping to help those who may not be professionals in their independent businesses, letting them know that “bartering” may actually work in some locations. Happy if my experiences help at all, Kally. You were most kind! 💐

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  2. Great tips, Kally. Working freelance and from home is great, especially for mums. I can imagine the benefits to and for the family must be, in particular, so healthy. I can foresee many more being encouraged to join this group in the future. How fantastic it will be when technology produces effects such as holographic meetings, as such, as a regular aspect of life! I don’t think this is very far away.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love it that there are so much opportunities in freelancing and it is a very young industry. You get to control how much you earn and how much time you can put in. Great for working from home mums and also wonderful for those who are at home taking care of elderly.

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