Last month, I stumbled upon an article that I think is so deserving to share with the audience here. It is positively inspiring even myself learn one or two things here. I love the writer’s energy and her burst of sunshine and inspiration. If you agree after reading the post below, why not hop over to her website for more fantastic work?

Today I will share some of my learning from the two days workshops I attended today and yesterday on Career guidance.

Indeed it was a learning experience with lot of new information and new words added to my vocabulary.

There were few important thing I would like to highlight from the workshops that can be of help for anyone choosing a career and also parents to support their children in their career.

 Career as a life perspective: Most of the time we think that career is only about choosing a job or profession which pays the best, but its not choosing you “living” but its more about choosing the kind of life you want to live, like the time you want to spend with family, your working timings, your way of being whether you are people’s person or you are intra-personal kind of learner. So don’t choose how to earn money, but choose how you will live your life 10 years down the line.

Career by choice: I have heard this line a lot that career should be by choice not by chance, chances of being happy or not happy are available in both the cases, but yes always be mindful that you choose your career rather than a career choose you, informed choices are better and today also one of the great counselor mentioned that journey of career should be from “passion to profession“, because other way around is rarely successful.

Difference between jobs and career: Students are generally fascinated by names of certain jobs and unaware of the facts what this or that job might consist and also what aspect of career it might be, in this time where there are lot of specializations available in all the existing fields and lot of new fields are coming in. Students and parents should be aware about choosing a field of career mindfully, because it is easy to change the job in the same umbrella of career but it is difficult to change the field of career completely.

High paid verses low paid careers: There has always been some myths and misconceptions around different career available in different streams regarding the pays and money people can earn, but to correct this, in the right place and at the right time every career can pay well, you only need to find the best of your career. There are no high paid or low paid careers, but there are definitely high paid or low paid jobs.

There were few things for Professional in the workshop, while taking any career guidance program in institutions or outside, need to keep in mind,

Career guidance in not a one day affair: Any kind of career guidance is not a one day affair as career itself is a process in making for which we should help the student or client to take that journey.

Career guidance should start from journey of self: Every career guidance program should have a journey of self to career, where you help the child to understand their strengths, interests, personality and also most importantly the environment.

Family as the important stakeholder: while you are doing career guidance program make sure you include families into career making because choosing and making a career is not an overnight and individual program, it is a family project and family should be taken into loop for the same. In some cases family may also need help in term of mapping the complete journey of career their ward is choosing.

Awareness of Intelligence/ abilities: Most of the parents and Teachers are not aware about different areas of abilities and intelligence which are the aptitudes for different jobs, so professionals should be aware of that and should help parents and teachers when they lose hope in a child as he/she is not fitting into “so called” category of intelligence.

There are definitely few learning which can’t be expressed in words as it is more about the attitude you carry with or the emotional state or motivational stimulation you get after attending such workshops is beyond expression.

Please share your ideas for the same.

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